By adam.k
  • Cithara

    The Romans brought the cithara to Portugal and Spain.
  • Period: to

    History of Guitars

    In this timeline it will show the history of guitars. Guitars have been created since the past and evolved ever since.
  • The Oud

    In 700 AD the Moors conquered the areas where the cinthara was popular and introduced the Oud which leads to the modification of the Cinthara.
  • New Guitars

    In 1100 the 4 string guitar that was made from the Cithara evolved into seperate types, the Moorish guitar and the Latin guitar
  • The Vihuela

    In 1400 the Vihuela is created and is another guitar that will stay in existence for the next 200 years
  • General Alterations

    In 1800 general alterations were added onto the guitar, which also had fan struts: which were a raised neck and fingerboard made of wood.
  • Antonio Torres Jurado

    In 1890 Antonio Jurado redesigned the guitar and increased the size of the body and neck.
  • The Greatest Part

    The acoustic and classical guitar was now used as a popular modern day instrument.
  • Period: to

    History of Guitars

    Guitars were created a long time ago. It evolved into a much newer type of instrument, and it keeps evolving over time. This timeline will show the history of guitars.