• First Oil Well drilled

    First Oil Well drilled
    First oil well Drilled. The drake well In Pennslyvania
  • Homestad Act

    The Homestad Act Help America Grow. It offered a "way out" of poverty and also increased migrations to the west not only from americans but europeans also
  • Introduction of Electric Power

    Introduction of Electric Power
    Electric Power provided a whole new business market and made life easier
  • Boston fire

    Boston fire
    The Boston And Chicago fires
  • Bell Invents the Telephone

    Bell Invents the Telephone
    The telephone offered a new way to communicate
  • National League Founded

    National League Founded
    The NL is Founded
  • Battle At Wounded knee

    The battle at wounded knee Showed the Violence and hostility of settlers to the Native Americans
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Greatly reduced Chinese Migration to America
  • Hawaii!

    Gave The Us a new frontier to look toward for opportunity
  • Reform Of American Schools

    Schooling In america Underwent National reform
  • Immigration restriction league Formed

    American's Who saw these new Immigrants as threats Banded together to restrict the Amount of immigrants
  • Period: to

    Spanish American War

  • Platt Ammendment

    The Amendment ensured U.S. involvement in Cuban affairs, both foreign and domestic, and gave legal standing to U.S. claims to certain economic and military territories on the island
  • Teddy Roosevelt Elected

    Teddy Roosevelt Elected
    Oh Teddy the changes you made
  • Period: to

    Ford Introduces the Assembly line

    Ford Motor Company Develops and Introduces the Assembly line
  • World War 1 Begins

    The First world war begins
  • Panama Canal Opened

    the Panama canal Opened up a new trade line
  • Period: to

    the great migration of blacks to the north

    Black american's in the south migrated to the north to avoid racism
  • Womens Suffrage

    Womens Suffrage
    Women Gain the Right To vote
  • Dawes Plan

    was an attempt in 1924, following World War I for the Triple Entente to collect war reparations debt from Germany
  • Hoover elected

    he promoted partnerships between government and business under the rubric "economic modernization
  • Stock Market crash

    Stock Market crash
    On Black tuesday The stock market Crash Sending the economy into a downward spiral
  • Dust bowl Drought

    Dust bowl Drought
    The drought in the midwest caused a decline in ferrtile land having A widespread effect on farming industry
  • Franklin D roosevelt elected

    Roosevelt had made great strides to help the united states out of the depression
  • Prohibition Ends

    The consumption and sale of alcohol is permitted in the usa
  • First New Deal

    The first new deal legislation had dealt with diverse groups, from banking and railroads to industry and farming, all of which demanded help for economic recovery.
  • Prohibition

    Prohibition the Debate over whether or not to eliminate the sale of alcohol raged on during the 1920's.
  • WWII Begins

  • U.S. Enters WWII

    U.S. Enters WWII
    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor United states enters WWII
  • Manhattan Project Begins

    Manhattan Project Begins
    The Beginning of the development of the atomic bomb
  • Normandy

    The allies Invade normandy
  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki

    Hiroshima, Nagasaki
    Fat man and little boy dropped on the cities of hiroshima and nagasaki, ultimatley ended the war
  • United Nations Formed

    United Nations Formed
    The major powers came together to form a Council
  • Korean war

    North and south korea go to war backed by the united nations
  • Eisenhower elected

    with eisenhowers election republicans took both houses of congress for the first time in 1946
  • Kennedy elected

    John f. Kennedy Elected
  • First american In space

    First american In space
    Alan Shepards 15 minute sub orbital flight makes him the first american in space.
  • First american on the moon

    First american on the moon
    Armstrong is the first american on the moon
  • Kennedy Assassinated

    Kennedy Assassinated
    John F. Kennedy Assaniated
  • Martin Luther King assassinated

    Martin Luther King assassinated
    Martin Luther King the most prominent voice for african american rights assassanated
  • USA withdrawls from vietnam

    USA withdrawls from vietnam
  • Recession

    1982 recession
  • World trade center attack

    World trade center attack
    Al queda attacks world trade center
  • Obama Elected

    Obama Elected
    The first african america us president