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  • Gregory & The Hawk

    Gregory & The Hawk
    Official WebsiteGodreau took on the name Gregory & The Hawk in early 2003, before she started playing venues in New England. She took on this name so that she would not be labeled as a singer song writer. She got the idea for this name from her brother, Gregory. The Hawk came from Gregory's imaginary hawk that he had when he was younger.
  • Meeting the Band

    Meeting the Band
    BioGodreau continues playing small venues in New England until she met Mike McGuire on a trip to New York. Mike and her joined forces and continued to perform at live shows together. Several months later, the two of them came across Jeff Ratner and Adam Christgau. Since then, the four of them have been recording music together.
  • First Released Songs

    First Released Songs
    SongWith the newly founded members, the band got busy with recording their Indie based music. In 2006, Gregory & The Hawk released the Boats and Birds extended play. They declared this as a home-studio project. With very little recognition at first, their songs “Isabelle” and “Boats and Birds” became one of their most popular songs thanks to their decision to upload their music on to social networking cites.
  • In Your Dreams

    In Your Dreams
    SongGregory & The Hawk took their producing abilities to a new level the following year. They finally finished a full lengthy album, In Your Dreams. This album was self-released as well, and was still able to receive quite a large fan base. Godreau was able to sell 15,000 copies of the bands demo and full length album, but the recognition did not stop there. YouTube had over 18 pages of cover music of Gregory & The Hawk's latest album.
  • Hollow Earth Radio

    Hollow Earth Radio
    Blog In 2007, Gregory & The Hawk started having their music played via radio. Later that year, Hollow Earth Radio asked if they would like to do a live session. They agreed with much enthusiasm. They played some of their more popular songs from "In Your Dreams". They also played some new music that they were working on.
  • Moenie and Kitchi

    Moenie and Kitchi
    Song Moenie and Kitchi was the band’s first record label album. The album was recorded relatively quickly for most of the vocals and guitars were recorded simultaneously and in just one take. The band toured three continents with this album. that she didn’t have much emotional connection to the songs. She vowed that she was going to write all of her songs on her next album.
  • Record Deal

    Record Deal
    The band was playing in a bar in Brooklyn New York, when their lives were changed for the better. FatCat Records stumbled upon the band without having any previous intentions of signing anyone that night. As stated by FatCat Records, “we discovered Gregory and the Hawk, entirely by accident, whilst out one night at a bar in Brooklyn. An unknown band came on stage and Meredith Godreau began to sing, instantly stunning everyone in the room" . A month later, and the band began their studio work.
  • Leche

    SongGodreau wrote and self- produced her next album, Leche. After she was finished with her songs and was satisfied with what she had composed, she took her music to a team of friends to help her finalized the album. She said that the idea of her album was about traveling all around, both physically and psychology.
  • On Tour

    On Tour
    Previous ToursGregory and the Hawk had a successful tour year in that of 2011. They completed thirteen seperate tours. They travled everywhere from the US to the UK. They also had a few tours through out Germany as well. While most of the time their perfrmances were done with no other performers, they did, at times, travel with other bands.
  • COMING 2012

    COMING 2012
    Song PreviewGregory and the Hwak are realsing a new album, "COMING 2012" sometime this April. They have one song avaliable for download now, "Fist Flying V". This album includes all handwritten songs and lyrics.