Great Society

  • Tax Reduction Act

    The Tax Reduction Act cut corporate and individual taxes, which successfully stimulated growth in the economy
  • Job Corps Youth Training Program

    Part of the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA), Lyndon B. Johnson passed this to help younger people in job training, so they can receive higher wages and slowly climb out of poverty.
  • Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)

    As part of the EOA, Lyndon passed the VISTA program, which was designed to help people pull out of poverty.
  • Project Head Start

    Another part of the EOA, Head Start is designed to help underprivileged preschoolers in the classroom
  • Community Action Program

    Part of the EOA, the COmmunity Action Program encouraged poor people to participate in public-works programs
  • Higher Education Act

    The Higher Education Act funded scholarships and low-interest loans for college students