Great Pacific Plastic Ocean Gyre

  • Collecting Data

    Alaska-based researchers collected data measuring plastic in the north pacific ocean.
  • Period: to

    Discovery Timeline

  • Prediction of the Problem

    In this year they published a paper which predicted the problem.
  • Obeservation of the Problem

    Charles J. Moore who is a sailor first observed the problem when returning from the Transpac sailing race.
  • Measurement

    It was measured to have 335,000 items per kilometer sqaure (items of plastic)
  • Finidng the consentration of plastic

    Researchers found the concentration of plastic particles to be 334,721 per square kilometer.
  • Environmental Cleanup

    The environmental cleanup coalition was formed to address the problem.
  • Project Kaisei

    Project Kaisei was developed to study and clean-up the problem.
  • Pollution

    Very little is being done to clean up or reduce the amount of pollution to the ocean