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A timeline of Dallas development & historic events

  • Texas declares independence from Mexico

    Texas declares independence from Mexico
    Also: First settlers arrive at Hord’s Ridge
  • John Neely Bryan arrives for first time

    John Neely Bryan arrives for first time
    Looks to establish trading post in three-forks region of North Texas
  • Bryan returns to establish settlement

    Bryan returns to establish settlement
    Likely named after Vice President George Mifflin Dallas
  • Town of Cedar Springs founded

    Town of Cedar Springs founded
    Established by Dr. John Cole and his family
  • Dallas County founded

    Dallas County founded
  • Dallas Herald begins publication

    Dallas Herald begins publication
    James Latimer and William Wallace purchase the Texas Times, published in Paris, Texas, and move it to Dallas to become the Dallas Herald
  • Dallas selected as county seat

    Dallas selected as county seat
    Beating out Hord’s Ridge and Cedar Springs
  • La Reunion colony

    La Reunion colony
    Victor Prosper Considerant establishes a socialist utopian colony in present-day West Dallas
  • Dallas granted town charter

    Dallas granted town charter
    Also: Samuel Pryor was elected the first mayor along with a Marshal, a treasurer-recorder, and six aldermen
  • John M. Crockett elected mayor

    John M. Crockett elected mayor
    Becomes second elected mayor of Dallas; also: La Reunion dissolves and most of its settlers move to Dallas
  • First mass of record

    First mass of record
    Celebrated at the home of Maxime Guillot, a French immigrant and carriage maker, with a priest and two other Catholics
  • Population of Dallas: 678

    Population of Dallas: 678
    Also: Patrick Jennings, Samuel Smith and a man known as Old Cato are blamed for starting a large fire and hanged near the river bottoms
  • Civil War begins

    Civil War begins
  • Millermore House

    Millermore House
    Built by William Miller’s slaves in present-day Oak Cliff
  • Civil War ends

    Civil War ends
    Also: Freedmen's Towns begin to appear north, east and south of Dallas; Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company (MKT) begins operation
  • First Ku Klux Klan emerges

    First Ku Klux Klan emerges
    Born from the former Confederacy but forced to disband by the late 1870s; also: First Baptist Church of Dallas established; National Exchange Bank (later Mercantile National Bank) founded
  • Population of Dallas: 3,000

    Population of Dallas: 3,000
  • Dallas incorporated as a city

    Dallas incorporated as a city
  • Houston & Texas Central Railway

    Houston & Texas Central Railway
    Also: Sanger brothers arrive from Corsicana to open their first store; first telegraph line reaches Dallas; construction begins on new county courthouse
  • Dallas' first opera house opens

    Dallas' first opera house opens
    Also: First streetcars, pulled by Mexican mules, begin service; Panic of 1873 begins
  • Land obtained for City Park from J.J. Eakins

    Land obtained for City Park from J.J. Eakins
    Also: Dallas hosts its first Mardi Gras parade
  • Park system established

  • John Neely Bryan (1810-1877)

    John Neely Bryan (1810-1877)
    Declared mentally unfit and dies in an Austin insane asylum
  • Farmer John Martin claims UFO sighting

    First recorded use of the word "saucer" to describe an unidentified flying object. “It went as rapidly as it had come and was soon lost to sight in the heavenly skies.”
  • James M. Thurmond elected mayor

  • Population of Dallas: 10,358

    Population of Dallas: 10,358
    Also: Mayor Thurmond removed by city council in a vote of no confidence
  • City Park established

    City Park established
    First public park in Dallas; Also: Telegraph and Telephone Company opens Dallas exchange with 40 telephone subscribers
  • Dallas Electric Lighting Company

    First to bring electricity to North Texas; Also: Robert E. Cowart shoots and kills Judge Thurmond
  • 259 telephone subscribers citywide

    259 telephone subscribers citywide
  • Fire Department purchases Old Tige

    Fire Department purchases Old Tige
    600 gallons-per-minute pumper serves growing downtown area
  • Dallas Morning News

    Also: Dallas YMCA founded
  • First Dallas State Fair held at Fair Park

    First Dallas State Fair held at Fair Park
    Also: Hord's Ridge becomes Oak Cliff
  • Dallas Zoo established at City Park

    Dallas Zoo established at City Park
    Also: Dallas Times Herald founded; Dallas Club opens on Commerce and Poydras Streets
  • U.S. Post Office (now Mercantile Building) completed

    U.S. Post Office (now Mercantile Building) completed
    Also: Volk Bros department store opens
  • Population of Dallas: 38,067

    Population of Dallas: 38,067
    Also: Belo Mansion, Dallas Brewing Co. and Linz Building open; East Dallas annexed into Dallas; artist Frank Reaugh moves to Dallas where his pastels of Texas prairie and cattle would become iconic
  • Trinity River Navigation Company

    Trinity River Navigation Company
    Formed to promote river traffic on the Trinity
  • Old Red Courthouse

    Old Red Courthouse
  • Panic of 1893

    Numerous business fail, including five local banks
  • Old Parkland Hospital

    Old Parkland Hospital
  • Oriental Hotel

    Oriental Hotel
  • Confederate Memorial dedicated in City Park

    Confederate Memorial dedicated in City Park
    Also: Plessy v. Ferguson case establishes doctrine of "separate but equal"
  • Cornerstone ceremony at St. Paul's Sanitarium

    Cornerstone ceremony at St. Paul's Sanitarium
  • Southern Rock Island Plow Company

    Southern Rock Island Plow Company
    Constructs a 5-story building at the northwest corner of Houston and Elm St that would eventually become the Texas School Book Depository (now Dallas County Administration Building)
  • Ned Green brings 1st automobile to Dallas

    Ned Green brings 1st automobile to Dallas
    Orders Phaeton from St. Louis, arriving on the Texas Midland complete with driver; Also: Herbert Marcus arrives in Dallas to work for Sanger Brothers; Kaliph Day celebrated in the streets of Dallas
  • Population of Dallas: 42,639

    Population of Dallas: 42,639
    Also: first W.A. Green dept. store opens; Texas and Oklahoma football teams play the first game of what becomes a yearly tradition
  • Carnegie Library & Kress Building

    Carnegie Library & Kress Building
    Also: Investors form the Trinity Portland Cement Company to manufacture cement north of the former La Reunion site
  • Brown Cracker & Candy Co.

    Brown Cracker & Candy Co.
    Later known as West End Marketplace, now Factory Six03; Also: Southern Rock Island Plow Company rebuilds its structure on Elm and Houston St after a fire caused by lightning; Cullum & Boren opens at 1509 Elm
  • Annexation of Oak Cliff

    Annexation of Oak Cliff
    Expands City of Dallas size by one third.
  • City purchases Fair Park for $125,000

    City purchases Fair Park for $125,000
    Also: Wilson Building and Majestic Hotel (now Ambassador) open; population of Richardson: 147
  • Purse Building

    Purse Building
    Also: Columbian Club is established by Dallas Jewish community in the Cedars; world's first 100-mile auto race hosted at Fair Park
  • Mangold opens Lake Cliff amusement park

    Mangold opens Lake Cliff amusement park
    Also: Scottish Rite Cathedral opens; John S. Armstrong establishes Highland Park; Frogtown becomes city's red light district; John Patrick Murphy builds a home at 2516 Maple Avenue that would later become the Hotel St. Germain
  • Dallas High School (Crozier Tech)

    Dallas High School (Crozier Tech)
    Also: Hotel Southland opens on Main near Murphy St.
  • Trinity floods, causing massive destruction

    Trinity floods, causing massive destruction
    Also: Elks Arch erected at Main & Akard in honor of Elks Lodge Convention; Cement City incorporates
  • Praetorian Building

    Praetorian Building
    Also: Turtle Creek Pump Station opens; city purchases Marsalis Park and Oak Lawn Park; first interurban car arrives in Dallas from Denison; first Fair Park replica of the Alamo opens to the public
  • Population of Dallas: 92,104

    Population of Dallas: 92,104
    Also: Allen Brooks lynched by angry mob; city zoo relocates to Fair Park from City Park; construction of White Rock Lake begins in response to citywide water shortage; population of Cement City: 503
  • Elks Arch dismantled

    Elks Arch dismantled
    Also: Butler Brothers Building opens; Magnolia sales & distribution center (now Magnolia Station Lofts) opens; Southern Methodist University established; White Rock Lake completed
  • Oak Cliff Viaduct & Kessler Plan

    Oak Cliff Viaduct & Kessler Plan
    Also: City zoo relocates to Marsalis Park; Summit Play Park (now Pike Park) opens; Washington Theater, Adolphus Hotel, Southwestern Life Insurance Building open
  • Red light district dissolved

    Red light district dissolved
    Also: Queen Theatre (later Leo Theatre, now 1501 Elm), Busch Building (now Kirby Building), Dallas City Hall (now Municipal Building), Old Mill Theatre (later Rialto Theatre, now LTV Tower), Hippodrome Theatre, White Swan Foods Co (now House of Blues), McKinney Avenue Baptist Church (later Hard Rock Cafe, now One Uptown) open.
  • Neiman Marcus Building (Main & Ervay)

    Neiman Marcus Building (Main & Ervay)
    Also: Monroe Shops (interurban maintenance facility) open; city purchases Lake Cliff Park from Charles Mangold for $55,000
  • “Public comfort stations” at Elm & Live Oak

    “Public comfort stations” at Elm & Live Oak
    Also: Hall Street Negro Park (now Griggs Park) opens; Henry D. Lindsley elected mayor; inspired by "The Birth of a Nation", second Klan emerges in the South and spreads to urban centers throughout the nation
  • Union Station & Interurban Building

    Union Station & Interurban Building
    Future mayor and Klan member R.L. Thornton establishes Mercantile National Bank; Knights of Pythias Temple, first large commercial building designed by a black architect (William Sidney Pittman), opens
  • Dallas Love Field (military airfield)

    Dallas Love Field (military airfield)
    Also: Hotel Jefferson opens; Texas Electric Railway interurban service begins; Dallas Power & Light founded
  • Mike Martinez opens El Fenix

    Mike Martinez opens El Fenix
    Also: Siren atop the Adolphus Hotel announces the end of the Great War
  • Old Red bell tower removed

    Old Red bell tower removed
    Out of fear that structural failure would occur; Also: Frank W. Wozencraft elected mayor, youngest in city's history at age 26
  • Population of Dallas: 158,976

    Population of Dallas: 158,976
    Also: Boedeker Ice Cream Plant (now Cedars Union) opens; WRR radio begins broadcasting; State Fair attendance exceeds 1 million for the first time
  • Federal Reserve Bank

    Federal Reserve Bank
    Also: New Majestic Theater, Palace Theater (now Thanksgiving Tower) open; only five residences remain in the Harwood Historic district around City Hall; 789 members of Ku Klux Klan No. 66 march through Main and Elm; Alex Johnson, a black bellhop at the Adolphus, is branded with the letters KKK using acid
  • Magnolia Oil Building

    Magnolia Oil Building
    Also: Melba Theater (later Capri, now Pacific Place), Capitol Theater (now Tower Garage), Fox Theater (now 1401 Elm), Booker T. Washington High School and North Dallas High School open; radio station WFAA begins transmitting; Busch Building renamed the Kirby Building
  • Medical Arts Building & Stoneleigh Hotel

    Medical Arts Building & Stoneleigh Hotel
    Also: Klan Day at the State Fair of Texas attracts an estimated 160,000 Klansmen; Dallas Klan establishes Hope Cottage, an orphanage in North Dallas
  • Santa Fe Terminal Complex

    Santa Fe Terminal Complex
    Also: Thomas Building (now surface parking) and Melrose Hotel open; Elmwood Addition suburb opens south of Oak Cliff; Gardner Park (later Burnett Field) established; 1,000 Klan members march through Oak Cliff
  • Baker Hotel & Ferris Plaza

    Baker Hotel & Ferris Plaza
    Also: Conrad Hilton (later White Plaza, now Hotel Indigo), Republic National Bank Building (now The Davis Building), Dallas Athletic Club (now 1700 Pacific), Scott Hotel (later Hotel Lawrence, now La Quinta) open; Beckley Club suburb and Sunset High School open in Oak Cliff; Hope Cottage renamed "Klanhaven"; "Little Mexico" established by Mexican immigrants; Dallas Negro Chamber of Commerce founded; first multi-level parking garage opens; Cotton mogul Sheppard King's estate on Turtle Creek opens
  • Cotton Exchange Building

    Cotton Exchange Building
    Also: 9-year-old boy drowns from flooding in Mill Creek; Sanger Hotel built on the site of Alex Sanger mansion
  • Dallas National Bank

    Dallas National Bank
    Also: Gulf States Building (now Third Rail Lofts), Neiman Marcus addition and Maple Terrace open; Southland Ice Co. opens the first convenience store (later 7-Eleven) on 12th Street in Oak Cliff; Charles Lindbergh arrives at Love Field Airport in the "Spirit of St. Louis", airport opens for civilian use; City Council names a street after Lindbergh; Prince of Hamburgers opens on Lemmon Ave
  • Woodrow Wilson High School

    Woodrow Wilson High School
    Also: Industrial Dallas, Inc. formed to promote favorable business climate of Dallas; "Coney Island" style amusement park proposed for White Rock Lake, igniting controversy
  • Titche-Goettinger Building

    Titche-Goettinger Building
    Also: Lake Dallas (now Lake Lewisville) completed; Dallas ceases use of White Rock Lake for water supply; survey finds that Dallas contains 31 buildings 10-20 stories high and 1 over 20 stories
  • Population of Dallas: 260,475

    Population of Dallas: 260,475
    Also: Volk Brothers Building (now Comerica Bank) and Cotton Bowl Stadium open; Columbian Club destroyed in fire; Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow meet in West Dallas for the first time; White Rock Lake Bath House opens; Geophysical Services Inc. (later Texas Instruments) founded; 508 Park opens as the Warner Brothers Exchange Building for films and records
  • Tower Petroleum Building and Dallas Power & Light

    Tower Petroleum Building and Dallas Power & Light
    Also: Lone Star Gas Co., Highland Park Village and Texas Theatre open; Kiest Park opens on land donated by Edwin John Kiest, publisher of the Dallas Times Herald; City Manager form of government established
  • First Trinity River levees built

    First Trinity River levees built
    Also: Washington Theater is demolished; Texas and Oklahoma game moves to Cotton Bowl at Fair Park; Bonnie Parker leaves home in Dallas to begin a life of crime with Clyde Barrow
  • Lamar-McKinney Viaduct

    Lamar-McKinney Viaduct
    Later known as Continental Viaduct, now Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge; also: City of Dallas begins burying Mill Creek from East Dallas through City Park
  • Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow buried in Dallas

    Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow buried in Dallas
    Killed by police in Louisiana on May 23; Also: Final horse race at Fair Park takes place; Sportatorium built on Cadiz and Industrial
  • First Fair Park replica of the Alamo razed

    First Fair Park replica of the Alamo razed
    Also: First federal WPA project in Dallas commences
  • Texas Centennial Exposition

    Texas Centennial Exposition
    Also: FDR dedicates statue of Robert E. Lee at Oak Lawn Park (later Lee Park, now Oak Lawn Park)
  • Robert Johnson records at 508 Park

    Robert Johnson records at 508 Park
    Also: First Cotton Bowl Classic game held at Cotton Bowl Stadium; R.L. Thornton establishes the Dallas Citizens Council
  • Lakewood Theater

    Lakewood Theater
    Also: Hilton Hotel becomes White Plaza
  • Dal-Hi (later P.C. Cobb) Stadium

    Dal-Hi (later P.C. Cobb) Stadium
    Also: Abe Weinstein's Colony Club opens
  • Population of Dallas: 294,734

    Population of Dallas: 294,734
    Also: Dealey Plaza opens; National Exchange Bank building at Main and Poydras demolished
  • Dallas Farmers Market established

    Dallas Farmers Market established
    Also: Masonic Temple and Telenews Theater open; City Council changes name of Lindbergh Drive to Skillman Street after reports that he is a Nazi sympathizer; Pearl Harbor attacked
  • Mercantile National Bank

    Mercantile National Bank
    Only Dallas high-rise completed during WWII
  • War rationing begins citywide

    War rationing begins citywide
    Also: UT Southwestern Medical School is established; Mayor Woodall Rodgers commissions new city master plan titled "Your Dallas of Tomorrow”
  • Edward Titche (1866–1944)

    Edward Titche (1866–1944)
    Also: First of 300 German POWs arrive at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake
  • Streamlined streetcars begin service

    Streamlined streetcars begin service
    Also: Ebby Halliday Realtors founded; WWII ends
  • "Bonnie Barge" at White Rock Lake

    "Bonnie Barge" at White Rock Lake
    Also: Dallas Parks Department regains control of White Rock Lake from the Army; oilman Rogers Lacy commissions Frank Lloyd Wright to design an 826-room hotel on Commerce across from Neiman Marcus
  • Jack Ruby arrives in Dallas

    Jack Ruby arrives in Dallas
    Also: Comet Coaster at Fair Park opens; Mayfair Department Store opens at 141 Elm; construction begins on Central Expressway; plans for Frank Lloyd Wright hotel dropped
  • Texas Electric Railway service ends

    Texas Electric Railway service ends
    Also: Mercantile Continental Building opens; Angus Wynne's Wynnewood Shopping Village opens east of Elmwood in Oak Cliff
  • Dallas Morning News Building

    Dallas Morning News Building
    Also: WFAA-TV and and KRLD-TV begin broadcasting; Cotton Bowl expanded to 75,504 seats
  • Population of Dallas: 434,462

    Population of Dallas: 434,462
    Also: First segment of Central Expressway opens; "Papa" Campisi opens Campisi's in former Egyptian Lounge on Mockingbird Ln.
  • Second Fair Park replica of the Alamo razed

    Second Fair Park replica of the Alamo razed
  • Central Expressway to Mockingbird Lane

    Central Expressway to Mockingbird Lane
    Also: Fidelity Union Life (now Mosaic Apartments) opens; West Dallas is annexed by City of Dallas; Zoo Bar opens at 1600 Commerce; first Crystal Charity Ball held; Big Tex debuts at the State Fair of Texas; White Rock Bathing Beach opens for last time
  • Swimming banned at White Rock Lake

    Swimming banned at White Rock Lake
    Also: Leo Theater closes; R.L. Thornton begins first of four terms as mayor of Dallas; State Fair midway opens to all races except for two rides in which blacks and whites could potentially touch
  • Republic Center Tower

    Republic Center Tower
    Also: Former Republic National Bank building renamed The Davis Building; Brown v. Board of Education decision declares segregation in public schools unconstitutional
  • Central Library (now The Dallas Morning News)

    Central Library (now The Dallas Morning News)
    Also: Leo Theater demolished; Piccadilly Cafeteria and Meadows Building open; black community protests continued segregation at fairgrounds
  • Statler Hilton

    Statler Hilton
    Also: Central Expressway expands to Richardson; Elvis Presley performs at Cotton Bowl Stadium; University of Dallas opens; final Dallas streetcar runs from Oak Cliff to car barn at Peak and Elm, ending service citywide; Oak Cliff votes itself "dry"
  • Tornado rips through Dallas, killing 10

    Tornado rips through Dallas, killing 10
    Also: Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, Dallas Federal Savings and Loan (now 1505 Elm) and Dallas Memorial Auditorium open; Capitol Theater begins showing Spanish-language films, then closes; Coco Chanel arrives in Dallas to accept the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion; Dallas Market Center founded
  • Southland Center

    Southland Center
    Also: 211 N Ervay opens; Mercantile Continental Building expands; Jack Kilby creates the world's first integrated circuit at a Dallas laboratory in September
  • Kalita Humphreys Theater

    Kalita Humphreys Theater
    Also: Fire destroys Rialto Theater; Capitol Theater demolished; Hartford Building opens; I-35 construction cuts Dallas Zoo from the heart of Oak Cliff
  • Population of Dallas: 679,684

    Population of Dallas: 679,684
    Also: Dallas Cowboys begin playing at Cotton Bowl Stadium; Trinity levees raised to present height; Jack Ruby opens the Carousel Club; Strand (formerly Hippodrome), Rialto and Capitol Theaters demolished for parking
  • Six Flags Over Texas

    Six Flags Over Texas
    Also: "State Fair", starring Ann Margaret, films in Fair Park; The Frito Company and H.W. Lay & Company merge to become Frito-Lay, Inc., headquartered in Dallas; Confederate Memorial relocated from Old City Park to Pioneer Cemetery for construction of R.L. Thornton Expressway; Theatre Three established; FAA refuses to invest in separate Dallas and Fort Worth airports, prompting discussions for a jointly owned airport
  • Cabaña Hotel

    Cabaña Hotel
    Also: Bronco Bowl opens; Fox Burlesque theater demolished; H. Ross Perot founds Electronic Data Systems (EDS); construction of Cary Plaza (now Fairmont Hotel) halted
  • President Kennedy assassinated

    President Kennedy assassinated
    Also: Mary Kay Cosmetics founded; Hotel Southland demolished; Adair's Saloon opens on Cedar Springs Rd.; President Kennedy visits Fort Worth and Dallas; eyewitnesses place officer J.D. Tippit at Austin’s Barbecue in the Elmwood neighborhood; Lee H. Oswald murders Tippit and is arrested inside the Texas Theatre; Jack Ruby shoots Oswald in basement of City Hall (Municipal Building); Ruby asks to meet with Campisi family while in police custody
  • The Beatles at Memorial Auditorium

    The Beatles at Memorial Auditorium
    Also: Fire consumes The Golden Pheasant on Commerce St, killing 4; Piccadilly Cafeteria is picketed for 28 days for refusing to desegregate its lunch counter; 1600 Pacific (LTV Tower) and Republic Center Tower 2 open; Burnett Field closes; Southwestern Life Insurance moves to a new building on Ross Ave designed by George Dahl; Civil Rights Act ends segregation
  • NorthPark Center

    NorthPark Center
    Also: First National Bank (now The Drever), Sanger-Harris flagship store and Mayflower Building (411 N Akard) open; I-35 is completed from Dallas to Oklahoma border; Hotel Travis (formerly Sanger Hotel) demolished for new City Hall; Stone Place Pedestrianway opens as city's first pedestrian mall
  • Elm Street caves in during construction

    Elm Street caves in during construction
    Also: Manor House (first downtown residential high-rise) and El Centro College open in CBD; The Quadrangle opens in Oak Lawn; historic Millermore home in Oak Cliff threatened with demolition; Dallas and Fort Worth purchase land for a new airport that is equidistant from both cities; Fairmont buys half-finished Cary Plaza and completes the project as twin hotel towers; Cullum & Boren opens "store in a garden" at 1609 Bryan
  • I-35 completed from Dallas to Austin

    I-35 completed from Dallas to Austin
    Also: Harvey Milk arrives in Dallas to work at the Mercantile Continental Building for Bache & Co.; DISD announces that it is fully desegregated; Tower Garage opens on site of Capitol Theater
  • Dallas pedestrian network planned

    Dallas pedestrian network planned
    Also: Tower Theatre closes; One Main Place opens; Braniff Airlines opens the "Terminal of the Future" at Dallas Love Field; St. Paul's Sanitarium demolished; Fair Housing Act makes redlining illegal; City Council OKs plan to expand Fair Park by acquiring 50 acres of land from mostly minority residents
  • Millermore moves to City Park

    Millermore moves to City Park
    Construction of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport begins; Holiday Inn (now Crowne Plaza) and Loews Theater (first new downtown theater in 30 years) open; 32-acre Griffin Square, including a 913-ft-tall circular office tower, announced to the public
  • Population of Dallas: 844,401

    Population of Dallas: 844,401
    Also: Palace Theater is demolished; JFK Memorial is dedicated; One Main Place developer W. T. Overton murdered, halting plans for Two Main Place
  • Union Jack opens on Cedar Springs Rd.

    Union Jack opens on Cedar Springs Rd.
    First gay-owned business in what would become the city's LGBT district; Also: inspired by the Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven, Mariano Martinez invents the frozen margarita machine; Southwest Airlines begins scheduled flights out of Love Field
  • Cowboys win their first Super Bowl

    Cowboys win their first Super Bowl
    Also: Spaghetti Warehouse opens in the West End and The Grape opens on Greenville Ave; Southwestern Life Insurance Building is demolished; 1200 Main Tower (now Metropolitan condominiums) opens; first gay rights march takes place through downtown; first Candlelight holiday celebration at Old City Park
  • Santos Rodriguez murdered by Dallas police

    Santos Rodriguez murdered by Dallas police
    Also: Bryan Tower, I-345, Jefferson Viaduct and Dallas Convention Center open; Majestic Theatre and Volk’s department store close; more structures arrive at Dallas Heritage Village including Worth Hotel and Train Depot
  • DFW International Airport

    DFW International Airport
    Also: Renaissance Tower opens; first Cattle Baron's Ball held; Fair Park-area homeowners settle or lose appeals in fight against eminent domain; Dallas Federal Savings (1505 Elm) sells to Dresser Industries for HQ; Akard Street Pedestrianway opens between Commerce and Young; Dallas is 3rd, behind New York and Chicago, in convention business
  • West End Historic District created

    West End Historic District created
    Also: First Chili’s opens on Greenville Ave; downtown daytime population reaches 300,000 workers; Gene Street opens Black-eyed Pea on Cedar Springs Rd; Red Bird Mall opens in south Oak Cliff; Julius Schepps Park established; Jefferson Hotel is demolished
  • Thanks-Giving Square

    Thanks-Giving Square
    Also: DISD begins its desegregation-era busing plan for grades four through eight; Booker T. Washington HS becomes an arts magnet school; City Park becomes Old City Park and hosts the official U.S. Bicentennial celebration for the city
  • Modernization of emergency dispatch systems

    Also: KXAS-TV airs first live intercontinental satellite report from London to Dallas/Fort Worth
  • “Dallas” TV show airs

    “Dallas” TV show airs
    Also: Dallas City Hall, Reunion Tower and Anatole Hotel open; Union Station is renovated; Belo Mansion is restored & expanded; Boston consultants Carr-Lynch recommend that Dallas relocate its major arts institutions from different parts of the city to the northeast corner of downtown; Dallas Architectural Club, Mayfair Hotel and Medical Arts buildings are demolished; first Texxas Jam concert takes place at Cotton Bowl Stadium
  • Wright Amendment becomes law

    Wright Amendment becomes law
    Also: One Dallas Centre (later Patriot Tower, now One Dallas Center) and Enserch Plaza (now Lone Star Gas Lofts) open; American Airlines moves its HQ from New York to a temporary facility in Grand Prairie; Rosewood Property Company converts Sheppard King estate into The Mansion on Turtle Creek; Baker Hotel sold to SBC Corporation and closes; Dorsey Building (now McDonald's) demolished
  • Baker Hotel & Volk Building demolished

    Baker Hotel & Volk Building demolished
    Also: Plaza of the Americas, Diamond Shamrock Tower (later KPMG Centre), Reunion Arena and Republic Center Tower III open; City Council votes to abandon Live Oak between Elm and Pacific, closing 5-way intersection; American Exchange National Bank (original First National Bank) is demolished; Kress store and Copper Cow close; JR's Bar & Grill, Round-Up Saloon open on Cedar Springs Rd; deregulation of Savings & Loans begins; Dallas Population: 904,078
  • Dallas Athletic Club demolished

    Dallas Athletic Club demolished
    Also: Kress Building and P.C. Cobb Stadium are demolished; USS Dallas, a nuclear submarine named after the city, is commissioned
  • Braniff Airlines ceases operations

    Braniff Airlines ceases operations
    Also: Dave & Buster's opens first store at Walnut Hill and N Stemmons; City of Dallas acquires "Lost Copy" of the Declaration of Independence to display at Central Library
  • PART 2: Galleria Dallas

    PART 2: Galleria Dallas
    Also: Thanksgiving Tower, Pacific Place, Lincoln Plaza (now Ross Tower), Olympia & York Tower (now Harwood Center), San Jacinto Tower (now 2100 Ross), ARCO Tower (now Energy Plaza) and J. Erik Jonsson Central Library open; Sasaki Plan for Arts District is adopted by city council; region votes to create DART and a 1% sales tax to fund it
  • PART 1: Woodall Rodgers Freeway & DART

    PART 1: Woodall Rodgers Freeway & DART
    Also: Majestic Theatre is restored & reopened; First City Center (now 1700 Pacific), Woodall Rodgers Freeway and The Palm restaurant open; Rolex Building is the first building in new Harwood District; Stephan Pyles opens Routh Street Cafe; 60 Klan members march through Main Street; American Airlines moves to its permanent HQ in Fort Worth; Adair's relocates from Cedar Springs Rd. to Deep Ellum
  • Fair Park hosts Dallas Grand Prix

    Fair Park hosts Dallas Grand Prix
    Also: DMA moves to the Arts District; Starck Club and One Bell Plaza (now One AT&T Plaza) open; Republican National Convention hosted at the Dallas Convention Center; developer Jim Lake begins buying properties in what will become the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff
  • InterFirst Plaza (BofA Plaza)

    InterFirst Plaza (BofA Plaza)
    Also: Chase Tower, LTV Center (now Trammel Crow Center), Belo Building (now 400 Record) and Infomart open; Selena Quintanilla performs at the State Fair of Texas; Texas Star opens in Fair Park; Lincoln Property Company demolishes Esquire Theater; Walt Disney Company conducts a feasibility study for "Texposition" in the Cityplace area; Cine Central 3 (formerly Loews Theater) opens; Club Clearview opens in Deep Ellum
  • Robocop filmed in Dallas

    Robocop filmed in Dallas
    Also: Dallas Alley opens in the West End; Fountain Place & The Crescent open; LTV Corporation files for bankruptcy (largest in U.S. history); Comet Coaster at Fair Park closes; Russell “Rusty” Fenton opens Uncle Julio's on Lemmon Ave, replacing The Unicorn bar; 36 arrested in raid at Starck Club
  • "The Accommodation" by Jim Schutze

    "The Accommodation" by Jim Schutze
    Also: Joske’s, formerly Titche's, closes; DART begins developing massive light-rail system; Annette Strauss becomes the first female mayor of Dallas; Momentum Place (Comerica Tower) opens; J.C. Penney announces plans to move HQ from New York to Plano; Hilton Corp. sells Statler Hilton to a Hong Kong investment group
  • Cityplace Tower

    Cityplace Tower
    Also: Santa Fe Building No. 3 is demolished; Delta Flight 1141 crashes upon takeoff from DFW Airport, killing 14 of the 108 people on board; Born on the Fourth of July filmed in Oak Cliff; Dream Cafe opens in the Quadrangle; DPD officer Officer John Glenn murdered by vagrant on Commerce St on a Saturday morning; final Texxas Jam concert at Cotton Bowl Stadium
  • Meyerson Symphony Center

    Meyerson Symphony Center
    Also: MATA streetcar begins service in newly rebranded "Uptown" area of Oak Lawn; Starck Club and Sanger-Harris close; Feds seize 20 subsidiaries of MCorp, formerly Mercantile National Bank
  • Population of Dallas: 1,006,877

    Population of Dallas: 1,006,877
    Also: Oak Cliff native Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in a helicopter crash
  • Adoption of 14-1 city council system

    Adoption of 14-1 city council system
    Also: Dallas Morning News purchases and ends publication of Dallas Times Herald; Meridian Apartments (now Post Meridian) open in "Uptown"; Club One opens in Deep Ellum, one of 57 bars and nightclubs in the flourishing district; “Dallas” TV show ends; Queen Elizabeth II visits Dallas with a stay at the Adolphus; Statler Hilton renamed Dallas Grand Hotel; Van Halen performs a free concert in the West End for crowds of up to 40,000 people
  • Uptown PID established

    Uptown PID established
    Also: Tillman's Corner opens in Bishop Arts District
  • 24 arrested at Cowboys parade riot

    24 arrested at Cowboys parade riot
    Also: Final office tenants leave Mercantile National Bank, leaving the historic commercial building vacant; Union Pacific Railroad donates abandoned MKT lines to City of Dallas; West End Cinema and Target Cityplace open
  • Pegasus Plaza

    Pegasus Plaza
    Built on the footprint of demolished Southwestern Life building;
    Also: Cotton Exchange is demolished; Dallas hosts two games of the FIFA World Cup at Cotton Bowl Stadium
  • Ron Kirk elected first black mayor of Dallas

    Ron Kirk elected first black mayor of Dallas
    Also: Crozier Tech closes; only 200 residents live inside the boundaries of the CBD
  • DART begins light-rail service

    DART begins light-rail service
    Also: Downtown TIF is established; first segment of Trinity Railway Express opens; Olla Podrida market closes
  • H.L. Green closes after 70 years

    H.L. Green closes after 70 years
    Also: Jefferson North End opens; Titche-Goettinger Building converted to 1900 Elm Lofts; Shelby Amendment begins easing flight restrictions on Love Field; Erykah Badu releases Baduizm, reaching triple Platinum status
  • Trinity River Corridor Project bond election

    Trinity River Corridor Project bond election
    Also: Southland Center reopens as Adam’s Mark Hotel; White Rock Lake dredged at a cost of $9M
  • Expanded Central Expressway opens

    Expanded Central Expressway opens
    Also: Wilson and Kirby are converted to apartments; Magnolia Hotel opens
  • Population of Dallas: 1,188,580

    Population of Dallas: 1,188,580
    Also: Pegasus sign atop Magnolia Building is restored; West End Cinema 10 closes; Katy Trail and Cityplace DART station (first subway in the Southwest) open; Mark Cuban buys majority stake in Dallas Mavericks; city abandons Poydras St. to McDonald’s Corp for a drive-thru; Austin's BBQ closes
  • Boeing chooses Chicago over Dallas

    Boeing chooses Chicago over Dallas
    Also: American Airlines Center, West Village (Cityplace West) and Mockingbird Station (first modern TOD in Texas) open; Planet Hollywood closes in the West End; Dallas Grand Hotel closes; 1505 Elm sold for first office-to-condo conversion in Dallas
  • Laura Miller elected mayor

    Laura Miller elected mayor
    Also: Hotel ZaZa and first MATA streetcar expansion open; Hatties opens in the Bishop Arts District; final two Dallas Alley bars, Alley Cats and Oxygen, close; Stone Place Mall reopens as Stone Street Gardens
  • Nasher Sculpture Center

    Nasher Sculpture Center
    Also: Davis Building is converted to loft apartments; Hart Furniture Bldg is renovated; Latino Cultural Center and WFAA Plaza open; Sportatorium demolished
  • DP&L Flats

    DP&L Flats
    Also: Lupe Valdez wins election to become first female, Hispanic and LGBT Dallas County Sheriff; Dallas County "turns blue", becoming majority Democratic
  • Interurban Lofts

    Interurban Lofts
    Also: Dallas Holocaust Museum moves to the West End from North Dallas; Belmont Hotel reopens in West Dallas; Baby Doe’s on Goat Hill closes and is demolished; Old City Park renamed "Dallas Heritage Village"; 1200 Main converted to 283 residences; Forest City Enterprises announces plans to convert the vacant Mercantile Bank into 225 apartments; Prince of Hamburgers on Lemmon Ave demolished
  • Apparel Mart demolished

    Apparel Mart demolished
    Also: West End Marketplace closes; MKT depot is demolished; Arcadia Theater is destroyed in a fire; W Dallas Victory Hotel opens; a compromise is reached for partial repeal of the Wright Amendment; IHG purchases White Plaza Hotel and reopens it as Hotel Indigo
  • One Arts Plaza

    One Arts Plaza
    Also: Joule Hotel opens; Republic Center Tower 1 is converted to Gables Republic; Metropolitan, Mosaic, Third Rail Lofts open; Adam’s Mark becomes Sheraton; White Swan is converted to House of Blues; Deep Ellum Tunnel is demolished; Old Red restoration completed along with new bell tower
  • AT&T moves global headquarters to Dallas

    AT&T moves global headquarters to Dallas
    Also: Trinity Audubon Center opens; Hewlett-Packard Co. buys EDS for $13.9 billion; Eno's Pizza opens in Bishop Arts District
  • Reunion Arena demolished

    Reunion Arena demolished
    Also: Mercantile Bank is converted to Mercantile Place; Santa Fe No. 4 is converted to Aloft Dallas Hotel; Main Street Garden, AT&T Performing Arts Center (Winspear Opera House, Wyly Theater) and Cowboys (now AT&T) Stadium open; city privatizes Dallas Zoo, ceding control to Dallas Zoological Society
  • Population of Dallas: 1,197,816

    Population of Dallas: 1,197,816
    Also: Final office tenants leave 1401 Elm; Cotton Bowl Classic moves to Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium in Arlington; Giants of the Savannah exhibit opens at Dallas Zoo
  • North Texas hosts Super Bowl XLV

    North Texas hosts Super Bowl XLV
    Also: Historic ice storm paralyzes city; Omni Dallas Hotel opens
  • Klyde Warren Park, Perot, Museum Tower

    Klyde Warren Park, Perot, Museum Tower
    Also: City Performance Hall, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and Belo Garden open; downtown CBD population is 7,000 residents; Thomas Building is demolished; DALLAS television series rebooted; Big Tex destroyed in fire caused by electrical short
  • Mercantile Continental apartments

    Mercantile Continental apartments
    Also: Dallas observes the 50th anniversary of JFK assassination; Age of Steam Museum leaves Fair Park for a new home in Frisco after a dispute with the City of Dallas; TENOVERSIX opens on Main Street; city privatizes Dallas Farmers Market; Mayor Rawlings assembles Fair Park Task Force to examine the future of Fair Park
  • Post-Wright Love Field service begins

    Post-Wright Love Field service begins
    Also: One Dallas Center apartments open; DART expands service to DFW Airport; Continental Pedestrian Bridge opens; Toyota announces that it will move its North American HQ to Plano; Dallas becomes site of the first case of the Ebola Virus in the United States
  • Streetcar service returns to Oak Cliff

    Streetcar service returns to Oak Cliff
    Also: Hall Arts Center, LTV Tower Apartments, New Parkland Hospital and Westin Dallas Downtown open; Downtown CBD population: 8,200
  • 5 officers killed in downtown ambush

    5 officers killed in downtown ambush
    Also: McKinney & Olive, Dallas Streetcar phase 2 and Mayflower Apartments open; Mayor Rawlings announces $50M gift to kickstart Trinity River park, largest donation in city's history
  • Lee statue removed from Oak Lawn Park

    Lee statue removed from Oak Lawn Park
    Also: The Statler Residendes, Margaret McDermott Bridge, SkyHouse Victory Place, The Ascent, Katy Station, PWC Tower at Park District all open; Dallas voters approve $1B bond program; plans for Trinity Parkway scrapped; The Palm restaurant closes; downtown CBD population: 10.7K residents
  • Statler Hotel & Residences

    Statler Hotel & Residences
    Also: 1900 Pacific (Corrigan Tower) residences, Cambria Hotel, Courtyard Marriott open; Dallas Morning News relocates to former library; Doug's Gym closes
  • Pacific Plaza

    Pacific Plaza
    Also: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum opens; Spaghetti Warehouse closes
  • AT&T Discovery District & Thompson Hotel