Great invensions in the victorian age

  • Type writer

    Type writer
    E. Remington & sons made it in Ilion.
    It was called the "Sholes and glidden type writer" This great invension is made for typing. instead of using a pen by hand you could now write by ''clicking'' down the letters. so everybody could read it and write it a lot faster.
  • Period: to

    The victorian age

  • Fax

    The fax was just another way of sending messages/post to each other a lot faster.
  • Washing machine

    Washing machine
    This great invension is build for washing our clothes when it gets dirty.
  • Dynamite

    Dynamite was a great invension for the miners. The miners used it to blow holes in the mines, so the could get to the material they were looking for.
  • Toiletpaper

    The toiletpaper is made for the toilet. When a person has made a poob, the person can use this invension to wipe it clean.
  • Lie detector

    Lie detector
    The lie detector is an invension for the police. The police used it to check if a person is telling the truth or not.
  • Bra

    It's a great invension, thats made for holding the womens breast. It's underwear for women.