Granny Weatherall timeline

  • things

    Granny continues to talk about things she needs to accomplish before she dies. She's in almost a panic to remember
  • Doctor

    she argues with her daughter and doctor telling them she is fine
  • her mother life

    She remembers when she was the one taking care of all the kids, making food, planting gardens, and sewing clothes
  • Her awful past

    She remembers how she always told the kids to never waste a good thing in life because someone could always use it. Also, she is remembering her last man possibly her husband in a foul way.
  • her family

    Her family arrives to see her. She is glad to see them. She is also going to be given a hypodermic
  • pastor

    Granny is recollecting when her wedding cake was put to waste and her current visitor, the pastor
  • the lights go out

    as Granny ponders her life her life goes out