Government papers

  • Jun 10, 1215

    Magna Carta is drafted

    The Magna Carta was actually called the Articals of the Barens. It limited King John's power there. No military campiegns will be held in the barrens. People are allowed to be tried by there peers. also if a person is thrown in jail they shall not take any of his property.
  • Petition of Right is drafted

    the Petition of Right was signed on june 7,1628. It stated that non-Parlimentary taxation,force of billeting Bristish troops,imrpisonment without cause.
  • English Bill of Rights is drafted

    an Act of the Parliemnt of England. It llimits power within the parliment. It says for free speech in parliemnt. Now the English Bill of Rights is still in use today.
  • Stamp Act

    the stamp act taxed on all papers. All paper were to be stamped in order to be used or even read if it was news paper. the colonist were fed up with the stamp act that they retaliated and poured hot tar and feathers on the stamp givers.
  • Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre was the most propaganda piece during the American Revolution. The Britsih soidlers shot and killed 5 colonist in the act. But Paul Revre made a painting on the "massacre" about the Britsih troops open firing on the colonist killing more than 5 people including a an African American and a dog.
  • Tea Act

    This act would set the tone for the colonist to go to war. They had it with the British Parliment taxing everything. The colonist then set up a plan know as the Boston Tea Party. Colonist dressed up as indians and threw english tea of the boats. this was a sign of retallyation by the colonist saying we are not happy with the taxes and we're going to war for our independence
  • 1st Continental Congress

    12 out of the 13 colonies sent delegates to represent each of their colony.They all met at Philadelphia's Capenters hall on September 5,1774. They met their because they were agaisnt the new Coercive Act which the Bristish Government on the Colonies for their resistance to new taxes.
  • 2nd Continental Congress

    The main reason of the 2nd continental congress was to draft up the U.S Delcaration of Indepepndence. It took place in the wake of of the seven year's war between france and britain. The colonist were out raged by the new tax laws that they said that body of the britain paralment should be able to tax the colonies.
  • Common sense published

    Thomas Payne wrote a pamphlet on supporting the American Indepence from Great Britain. It made many colonist think on why they should go to war and why they shouldnt. it was a good piece through the 16th-19th century. it is aslo used a little in today's times.
  • Declaration of Indepedence signed

    On this day an enlarged copy of the Declaration of Independence was signed by congress. 56 congressional delegates signed and some who were not present at the signing.