GOOSEBUMPS (Say cheese and die)

  • A day that does into something they did not expect

    A day that does into something they did not expect
    Shari, Greg, Michel, Bird live in a town called Pitsburg and to them they find it boring and that there is nothing to do there. So one day they were walking down the street and seen an abandon house, The Coffen house and decide to adventure to see what is in there for there day to be exiting.
  • thrilling

    When they make there way down stairs in the abandon house then find an cabinet full of fancy clothes and try them on while that is happening Greg further explores the cabinet and find a secret compartment with a camera in it. He goes to take a picture of michel posing on the basment stairs the picture comes out and showing michel falling next thing he new it the picture had come true. Then a bang and someone was coming after them but they escaped.
  • blue car

    blue car
    When Greg got home from all the exitment in his drive way there was a new blue car his dad had finilly got a new car and he took a picture of it. When the picture came out of the camera it showed the car smashed , totaled, finished.
  • the picture of Greg's brother

    the picture of Greg's brother
    Greg took a picture of his brother being curious about the camera not knowing it was evil. To his amazment the picture showed his brother with a tarifid look on his face and behind him it showed trees and a house that was right beside the baseball dimand.
  • the incident

    A couple days after Shari had asked greg to meet her at michels baseball game to talk about what happen with the camera and greg told her also what happend when he took a picture of his dads new car. Then michel came over to talk to greg and shari before he started his game but when he went over to them they were fighting over the camera grabing it and than took a picture of michel accidently . The picture showed him lying on the ground with people sorrounding.
  • Greg's brother came running to tell some bad news

    Greg's brother came running to tell some bad news
    Next Greg brother came running to Greg telling him that there dad had bean in a horible accident and that the new car had bean distroyed compleatlyand that there dad was in the hostpital.
    So sofar all the pictures greg took has been comeing true.
  • the incident

    Michel went to go play baseball after and got hit in the head with a baseball passing out.
  • Shari's birthday

    It was Shari's birthday and she had asked Greg to bring the "EVIL" camera so he did, they were takeing pictures and when the picture of Shari came out standing beside the tree it only show the tree like Shari was invisable. But after a while they got bord of the camera and went in the wood behind Shari's house to play truth or dare. At least a half an hour later shari's mom called them back for cake and everyone ran back but shari was not there she vanished just like the photo.
  • Shari is back

    The police could not find her ether. When Greg got home he went to his room and found it distroyed bso he cleaned it up before his mother got home but he know that it was the man in the abandon house from when he ascaped when he look back the man in the shadows in the house watching them and he had come back tooking for the camera. Greg got upset of what happend and ripped up the picture that Shari did not show up in and an hour later Greg's phone rang it was Shari she was back.
  • The misterus man comes again for the camera

    Shari and Greg dicide to meet again at the baseball dimand and he brote the camera they were look for batterys or something to stop it from doing anymore danger but there was not one and then when they turned around the was a fugure in the shadow the man was going after them for the camera they ran and ran. while they where running they ran into there neighour driveing and he scared the guy cheasing them away.
  • The camera has to be returned

    Greg dicide he had to bring the camera back now, Shari went with him the returned the camera in the exact spot when they were just about to leave when the figure came once again. They were trappend the ran for the camera and took his picture with it and the ascaped once again by distracting him they ran and when they were at the door they heard no yelling and screaming any more from him they went to go see and he was dead lying therre on the ground still.
  • The dead man

    They were trying to figure out how he dead when Greg went to go and look at the photo that was taken and it showed the man lying on the groung eyes wide open and his mounth in an O shape and that is exactly what his face looked like and then both new that he had died of shock. They called the police they said he had died of heart falure but they new what really happend.
  • The story starts all over again

    Greg, Shari, Michel, Bird were rideing there bike past the abandon house when the saw to older boys comeing out of the house holding the camera all last night they were watching what happend and took the camera ans then......... took a picture of each other.