gold rush timeline

By erwe
  • Convicts Finding Gold

    Some convicts found gold while bulding a road all together the gold was worth 50 pounds.
  • Discovery of Gold

    Gold was discoved by S in Fish Rivers in Bathurst. This was 18 before Edward Hargraves claimed he found gold.
  • Begginning of the Gold Rush

    The first payable gold was discovered at Ophir NSW, this was the begginning o the second gold rush.
  • Eureka Stokade

    1000 men gathered at bakery hill, on the outskirts of Ballarat and unfurled their flag, a white cross and stars on a blue field, to proclaim their oath.
    the Troopers and Miners had a short but fearsome battle.
  • Sydney Mint

    First Royal Mint to be built outside of England.
  • Gold discovered in Queensland

    Gold was discovered in Queensland at Rockhampton, which drove a little amount of miners to Queensland.
  • Lambing Flat Riots

    Miners charged though a chinese camp tearing tents and taking gold from the chinese.
  • Welcome Stranger

    Two men,John Deason and Richard Oates find a gold nugget. It weighed 70kg and is one and a half million dollars mordern Australian dollars.
  • Ned Kellys Capture

    Ned Kelly was capured and was taken to melbourne gaol and then got hanged.