Gold Rush

  • GOLD

    Government Surveyor James McBrien discovers traces of gold in the Fish River, east of Bathurst.
  • Gold found

    Explorer and geologist Paul de Strzelecki
    discovers small amounts of gold in silicate
    near Hartley in the Blue Mountains. On hearing
    of the find, New South Wales Governor George
    Gipps officially requests that no mentions are
    made of it in de Strzelecki's reports.
  • California Gold Rush Starts

    The California Gold Rush starts and the Australian government wants to get people to Australia. Soon, they reward a money prize for the one who finds the first trace of gold from then on.
  • The Gold Rush Starts

    The gold rush starts! Edward Hargraves struck gold in Australia. Thousands flocked to Australia in hope of finding gold.
  • Bendigo Rush Starts

    Two women find gold within 200 kilometres of Melbourne, starting the Bendigo gold rush.
  • Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Stockade was an extremely significant event for the history of the Australian democracy. If the Eureka Rebellion was not performed by those brave miners, we might have been still ruled by a governor today. The Eureka Stockade occurred when miners raised . an Eureka flag. They burnt their licences after conflict with the policemen.
  • Chinese incoming

    The Chinese flock to Australia to find gold.
  • "Welcome Stranger" nugget found

    The welcome stranger nugget is found. It is the biggest nugget of gold in the world. It was 72 kilograms and was 61 centimetres.