gold rush

  • New South Wales

    New South Wales was the first state to find gold. this means that everyone wants to go to New South Wales because of this.
  • victoria

    Governor La offed a reward for anyone that found gold in Victoria. The reason for this is because they wanted people to came to Victoria instead of New South Wales
  • Tasmania

    The first discovery of gold in Tasmania was on the Eastern Coast.
  • South Astralia

    the South Australian Government offered $1,000 for the first miner to find gold in South Australia. Mr. Chapman got awarded the award. in one year 10,000 miners came to South Australia.
  • Queensland

    in 1867 John Nash discovered gold in Queensland Gympie. it did not take long for all of the miners to come. 25,000 miners relocated to hope to find gold.
  • Northen Territory

    in 1871 construction workers were building an overland telegraphy line between Alice Springs and Darwin. After that, they found gold by accident.
  • Westen Australia

    Western Australia was actually the last one to join the gold rush. but it is proved that they made more money out off it.