Gold rush

  • Rapid opening of gold Felds

    Rapid opening of gold fields led to a growing demand of picks and other tools needed to mine gold.
  • Period: to

    Gold Rush

  • Gold Rush

    The gold rush brought wealth and population to Sydney and Melbourn.
  • Steam Engines

    Once the need of steam engines was introduced 13 steam engines were put in place in 1855.
  • Cast Iron Foundry

    The increased need for maintenance for the steam engines led to the growth of iron foundries. Scott Clow and prebble oppened the first cast-iron foundry in melbourn.
  • More Steam

    More steam engines were needed. 135 engines are now in use.
  • Rolling Mill

    Enoch Hughes established a rollong mill in melbourn. Later to play a major role in establishing an iron and seel works.
  • Foundries made

    Ballarat had ten foundries, Eight were used for minning equiptment and two used for producing and reparing farming equipment.
  • Further Need for Steam

    At this date there were 342 Steam Engines in use mainly to pump water out of gold mines.
  • Infrustracture was Placed

    The infrustracture for the development of an industrial society was put in place
  • Slow in industrialisation

    Severe recession in Australia slowed industrialisation.