Gold Rush

  • Starting fazes of Gold Rush

    The gold rushes in 1851 in both NSW VIC not only brought welath to Australia but incresed population
  • Bulidings

    Sydney and Melbourne suddenly became growing cities, with buldings to rival those in other parts of the world.
  • Technology in Australia

    Australians embaraced the new technology of the times with enthusiasm. With this time the elecrtic telegraph pole was invented.
  • Mining Need

    The amount of picks, shovels and various tools needed for fossicking for gold doubled.
  • Steam Engines

    In ballarat, there were 13 steam engines in 1855, 135 in 1858 and 342 in 1861. There purposes were to mainly pump out the water from the goldmines.
  • First cast-iron foundry

    Scott Clow and Prebble opened the first cast iron foundry in Melbourne
  • Rolling Mill

    Enoch Hughes establsihed a rolling mill in Melobourne and later was to play a major role in establshing an iron and steel works in Lithgow, NSW
  • Mining Boom

    Telephones, trams, gas and electric light. Gold had a huge financial boost to Australias econmy.
  • Recession

    Towards the end of the 19th century, particulary around 1891-92, a severe recession in Australia slowed industrilsation.