Gold Rush

  • mining equipment

    By now goldfields were being rapidly opened in the 1850s. Which ment there was a growing demand for shovels etc.
  • Gold Rush

    This gold rush caused victoria and New South Whales to be come wealthy but also there population grew.
  • Steam engines in Ballarat

    When gold was needed steam engines were created and in Ballarat there was 13 steam engines. They were mainly used to pump out water for the gold mines.
  • Cast Iron Foundary

    repairs and maintenance was needed for machines. that lead to the first cast-iron foundary in Melbourne.
  • Ballarats steam engines

    In 1858 Ballarat had 135 steam engines for pumping water out of the gold fields mainly.
  • Rolling Mill established

    A rolling mill was established and was later to establish iron and steel works in NSW.
  • Ballarats steam engines

    In 1861 there was 342 steam engines working to pump out water from the goldmines.
  • Ballarats foundaries

    By this date Ballarat had
    mining equipment-8
    farming tools maintenance-2
  • Infrastructure

    Gold boosted Australias economy which allowed Australia to develope a industrial society.
  • Period: to

    Slow in Australias industrilisation

    Australias industrilisation slowned down dramatically.