gold rush

  • Finds out about gold in CA.

    On January/24/1848 rumor was spread that their is tons of gold in california and that california was full of it.
  • Decides to move to go to california to become rich.

    I decide to go to california to become rich so i can support my family and got supplies to leave.
  • Leaves and now he is headed to california.

    I am leaveing to go to california.
  • Oregon trail

    It took me 2 days to get to the oregon trail and i will follow this till i get to California.
  • I met some other travlers going to california also.

    I met 2 other people also going to california but they wern't going to become rich they said they were going for the adventure.
  • theif

    A man came up to my wagon and stole some of my food and supplies while i was resting.
  • Reaching California

    A 2 monthes after leaveing my house i finally reached california and the first thing i see when i get there is a bunch of of people from all over the world that were here to mine. Many of the people were here for diffrent resins like some came for the adventure.others came to become rich and others came to start a new life, They would stay in camps but they didn't look good people were being coned for their money. There was not much food. Not many laws and little supplies.