Gold discoveries of Australia

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  • New south wales

    Australia 1851 in a small colonial, Edward hargraves discovered
    gold in bathurst in the goldfields. He also takes a mate John lister.
  • summer Hill

    The duo went from bathurst to summer hill to discover more gold.
  • victoria goldfields Ballarat

    August 1851 Thomas Hiscook was rewarded £1000 pounds for finding gold Buninyong which is south of ballert
  • south australia

    The South Australian Government offered a
    reward of £1,000 to the first miner who could find
    payable gold in the colony in 1851.
  • Queensland

    8000 Victorians alone rushed to Port
    Curtis. However, the promise of gold was
    exaggerated and the findings were very little.
  • Northern Territory pine creek

    In 1871 construction workers building an overland telegraphy line between Alice spring and darwin. The builders found gold by accident.
  • western Australia Coolgardie

    In 1892, Arthur Bayley and Williams Flat found gold
    near a water hole in Coolgardie. It was this
    discovery that started the town. Gold is still being
    mined in Coolgardie today.
  • Tasmania Beaconsfield

    On the Tamar River is the deep shaft Beaconsfield
    mine. This mine produced £77,2671 worth of gold
    by 1905, however by 1914 the mine was no longer
    productive and it was closed.