Gold Discoveries of Australia

  • New South Wales

    Edward Hargraves was the first person to discover gold in Australia. He found gold at Bathurst in 1851.
    Summer Hill-1851
    Lewis Pond Creek-1851
  • Victoria

    In August (1851-1864) John Dunlop was the first person to discover gold in Victoria. He found it in Ballarat.
    Bendigo- 1851
  • South Australia

    In 1851 The South Australian government gave anyone who could find gold $1000. In 1852 William Chapman found gold in Echunga.
  • Tasmania

    In 1859, Keeling Richardson was the first person to find gold in Tasmania on the east of Fingal.
  • Queensland

    In 1867 John Nash discovered gold in Gympie as Gympie was the hope of finding gold.
    Palmer River- 1877
    Mount Morgan- 1860
  • Northern Territory

    In 1871 construction workers found gold by accident between Alice Springs and Darwin.
    Tennant Creek-1895
  • Western Australia

    In 1892, Arthur Bayley and William Flat were the first people to discover gold in Western Australia near a waterhole.