By chris66
  • Rwanda Genocide

    Rwanda is not a developed country. They get lost behind all of the developed countries. 800,000 were killed by rebels from Uganda.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    Globalization has allowed terrorists to travel anywhere in the world
  • War in Afghanistan

    The war on terror begins, in response to the terrorist attack of 9/11. The USA searches for weapons of mass destruction. The globalized world allows all countires to develope weapons
  • The World is Flat

    Thomas Freidman writes "The World is Flat" the book with the idea that the world is globalized. Hes goes on and on about the stuff. He states reasons why globalziation is bad!
  • Circuit City goes bankrupt

    30,000 people lost thier jobs when circuit city went bankrupt and eventually more people lose thier jobs when the brand circuit city is sold and become an exclusive online store.
  • Deepwater Horizon OilSpill

    The technology sometimes fails. the Deepwater horizon oil rig exploded and released tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Libyan Civil

    A civil war broke out inside libya. The dictator was later overthrown. This countire was not developed so it got lost in the new globalized world.
  • Occupy Wallstreet

    The whole idea starts on a blog page. Then the protest hits wallstreet in NYC. They protest the lost of jobs, that mnay americans have faced.