Glass castle love-hate relationship

Timeline created by hannah.roach
  • The hotpot

    The hotpot
    Description: this event is where Explanation: This has caused Jeannette to lose some trust in her father because he was just going to let her drowned.
  • drinking promise

    drinking promise
    Description: Jeannette's 10th b-day gift rex promised her that he would stop drinking as he thought she was mighty ashamed of her father. But soon breaks the promise as he is an alcoholic and can not keep away. Explanation: this causes Jeannette to be hurt and lose more trust in her father because rex has never kept a promise in his life and never will.
  • Christmas tree

    Christmas tree
    Description: one day rex comes home super drunk and says time to brighten this place up ad sticks his lighter under one of the tree branches and lights it up. After the rest of the family actually tried to have a Christmas and make it look nice. Explanation: this has caused them to feel hurt and disappointed in rex because if he was there he would know how hard they worked to put Christmas together.
  • business trip

    business trip
    Description: this is where rex and rose Mary leave the children with Erma while they went away for a little bit. During the stay with Erma, she tries to grope Brian but Jeannette and Lori tackle and smack each other but when their parents come back rex and rose believe Erma and yell at the kids. Explanation: the children learn that what ever they say they will always believe the adult because the adult is more superior so what they say they believe.
  • the disappearing drunk

    the disappearing drunk
    Description: After the children have had enough of starving they eat half a stick of butter and salt, but rose gets mad because she was going to make bread and put it over the the children yell at rex and he asks for money but all he does is leave for a couple of hours only to come back drunk and empty handed. Explanation: The children lose faith in their father because after telling him that they are hungry he takes the rest of the money and leaves but only having taking care of him.
  • Not that kind of girl

    Not that kind of girl
    Description: Rex plays pool with a guy named Robbie, but rex tries to set Jeannette with him so they go upstairs and start dancing but Robbie wants more than that and Jeannette tries to stop him but just ends up showing her scars to get away. All rex did was let it happen and lets her pretty much almost get raped.
    Explanation: Jeannette is scared after almost being raped again and that her father just doesn't care because he made money off of Robbie. Rex only cares about money and booze.
  • sculpture

    Description: one day dad comes home drunk and sees the art but he only has to say that Shakespeare is a fake and ruins all of loris hard work and does not care that it was her ticket to leave welch and move to new York city. Explanation: This has really hurt Lori because he just doesn't care about anything but himself, doesn't care about raising or helping his children to accomplish their dreams.
  • Oz broken into(piggy bank)

    Oz broken into(piggy bank)
    Description: Oz is a piggy bank that Jeannette is putting all her money in for her move to the big apple but finds that someone has smashed it and taken all of the money. But they all know who took it. Explanation: After the kids find Oz broken into they all know who and are all frustrated. The children all lose trust in rex because they all know that he took the money and didn't even feel bad. Jeannette and Lori are the most frustrated because that was Loris money for new York.
  • 1 million dollars

    1 million dollars
    Description: this has something to do with rex but mostly with rose. They have asked Jeannette on her engagement party that since she has all this money now that she could just give them 1 million dollars for a piece of land that is the same as roses. Explanation: this event made Jeannette really angary because after rose asked her she screamed at her dad and told that all he ever did was talk her whole life and to leave her alone forever.
  • Mended bond

    Mended bond
    Description and Explanation: After the engagement party rex stopped talking to anyone and laid around all day and that the silence is killing Rose, she asked Jeannette to come and talk to rex and try to make things better between them and they did after Jeannette brought up many memories. They made things all good between them but the sad thing is a little while later rex died. but all in all they fixed their relationship even if the kids raised themselves.