Glass by Ellen Hopkins

By RikkiP
  • Period: to

    Less than a year

    In Present day Nevada.
    Kristina, her mother, her step dad, her biological father, his girlfriend, her boyfriend Trey, her boyfriends brother Brad, her baby Hunter, her drug dealer.
    Theme: Drugs can lead you to things you never thought possible of yourself and destroy what you have in life.
  • Starts using drugs again

    After having her baby, Hunter, Kristina stopped using drugs that is until she felt she needed that high feeling just to get her through the day again.
  • Meeting Trey

    After just meeting Trey one time at her friends house she has fallen in love with him even though he is a bad influence on her.
  • Trey and Kristina begin using drugs

    After Kristina is kicked out of her house because her mother finds out she is using drugs she goes to live with Trey where she beings using more drugs because she now has a direct connection to a drug dealer.
  • Sent to jail with Trey

    When Kristina and Trey are kicked out of their apartment and owe a drug dealer lots of money they leave the city. Not to long after leaving they are pulled over by a cop where they are caught with crystal meth and sent to jail for it. They wont see each other and Kristina is pregnant again but with Treys baby this time.