Girl  stolen

Girl Stolen- Madison Caffey

  • Sick!

    Danielle and Cheyenne arrive at the pharmacy to get Cheyenne some medicine because she is verys sick. (Chapter 1)
  • Kidnapped?

    As Danielle enters the Pharmacy someone else enters the SUV...Griffin! (Ch. 2)
  • HELP!

    Griffin doesnt realize that there is a blind girl in the back of the car until her hears a tussle in the back seat! "HELP!" yells Cheyenne. (Ch. 2)
  • Arrival...

    Griffin and Cheyenne arrive at the house of the thief! (Ch. 5)
  • Period: to

    Girl Stolen

  • Roy!

    As Cheyenne is brought to the house she meets Roy the next day! (ch. 6)
  • Scared!

    Roy and Griffin fight about what to do with the girl. (ch. 13)
  • Cheyenne's Flashback of Danielle

    Cheyenne's Flashback of Danielle
    Cheyenne thinks about how Danielle helped her through her blindness. (ch. 15)
  • 5 Million Dollars?

    5 Million Dollars?
    The men who kidnapped her wanted to split the money that the family is offering to get her back! (ch. 19)
  • Leaving!

    Cheyenne plots to leave! (ch. 23)
  • Home!

    Arrives home! (ch. 32)