Girl Stolen by Harley Griffin

  • Being Stolen

    Being Stolen
    Ch. 1 and 2- Cheyenne was in her step moms car while she went to go get her prescription filled. She had the keys left in the engine and a guy got in the car and ended up stealing the car not knowing Cheyenne was in there. But she couldnt tell who it was because she was blind,
  • Fighting for you Life

    Fighting for you Life
    Chapter 2- Cheyenne started beating up the guy trying to save her life and for him to let her go but he wouldnt let her go until it was night time so he wouldnt get caught. So before she could hit him more he grabbed something in the car and put it to her head saying "Shut up or I'll kill you"
  • Secrets

    Chapter 9- Roy was listening to the radio while he was outside and he heard on the radio there was an Amber Alert of for Cheyenne Wilder who was the Nike daughters president. So right there Roy knew he was gonna want money from him in order for the dad to get his money back,
  • Period: to

    Girl Stolen

  • Tricks

    Chapter 12- Cheyenne had went to the bathroom. She was trying to figure out if there was a window there and what not. She was searching to see if she could find an escape route. Griffin realized that she had been in there for a while so he kicked open the door and he was fixing to go out the window then heard Cheyenne cough and he realized she didnt leave she was just in the shower waiting for him to leave so she could have more time.
  • Time to go

    Time to go
    Chapter 23- Cheyenne knew that if she was going to escape it had better be when the guys were out getting the money. So she walked around the house but thought that Griffin could have been watching her the whole time so she went and got wrench and she hit Griffin in the head with it thinking she killed him.
  • Saved?

    Chapter 29-Cheyenne was walking through the woods alone after Griffin got hurt. She heard someone coming and they said they were a cop and so she ran up to him and told him everything that had happened thinking it was the cop. Then she got to the car and she knew something was off.
  • Trying to escape

    Trying to escape
    Chapter 30 and 31-She figured out it was Roy so she was searching everywhere for his gun and she found it and she ended up getting him out of the car and she was trying to drive blind and she found the cell phone to call the cops and she did and they said they were on their way.
  • Two weeks later

    Two weeks later
    Chapter 32- Two weeks after the whole incident. Cheyennes phone rang and she answered it and it was Griffin. She fiugred out that he is living with his moms sister in Chicago. His dad had went to jail and he is no longer aloud to talk to them.
  • Help has come

    Help has come
    Chapter 27- Griffin woke up after the hit to the head and he went in the woods searching for Cheyenne. He ended up finding her and told her he wanted to help. So he was leading her in the right direction and he ended up falling in a hole and twisting his ankle. Cheyenne tried helping him walk but he fell again and he couldnt go anywhere so he told Cheyenne to leave him and go as fast as she can so she is safe.
  • Tables have turned

    Tables have turned
    Chapter 28- While Griffin was laying there he heard voices. It was T.J. and Jimbo. They saw Griffin and told him that they got the money now they need to find the girl. Well T.J., Jimbo and Griffin ended up fighting because they realized Griffin was actually trying to help Cheyenne. Well Jimbo kept calling T.J. stupid so T.J. shot Jimbo and he went to go get the money and it had blood all over it so he left the gun, the bag of money, Jimbo dead and Griffin laying there as he ran off.