girl stolen

  • kidnapping

    Her step mom went in the store to pick up Cheyenne's perscription medison. Cheyenne stayed in the car and some guy had found the keys in the car and stole the vehicle with out noticing Cheyenne was there.
    chapter 1
  • kidnapping

    the vehicle was an escalade and griffin was going around looking for christmas gifts but saw the keys and decided to take it.
  • Period: to

    girl stolen

  • meeting griffins father

    meeting griffins father
    they went to this house in the middle of no where. Griffin tells her to stay out and he helped her to his room where she stayed. they dont now that she's blind but her hearing is better than theirs.

    chapter 2
  • griffin's house

    griffin's house
    when they got there for some reason griffins dog didn't go for her and they didnt understand why.
    chapter 2
  • finds out the names of the men

    they are talking to eachother and then they found out she was listening. they asked her for phone but griffin told them that he had thrown it out the window on the way there. then on the news they showed a picture of her and the men found out she's the daughter of the Nike president.
    chapter 28
  • finds the name of the men

    finds the name of the men
    after seeing her picture the news had a number for them to call if they seen her so Roy has a plan : in order to get Cheyenne back they have to have real 1 million dollars or they dont get her back.
    chapter 28
  • Cheyenne escapes

    Cheyenne escapes
    she escapes to the woods but griffin soon finds her and then tells her to go in the direction he pointed to.
    chapter 29
  • roy finds her walking down the road

    all of a sudden this voice asks her if they can give her a ride but she soon finds out that its Roy. she trys to escape.
    chapter 29
  • she finnally gets away

    she finnally gets away
    Jimbo shoots TJ and takes the money.
    chapter 29
  • she escapes and Roy gets arrested.

    she escapes and Roy gets arrested.
    she shoots roy and he falls out. she trys to drive but she blind. then she looks for a phone and she finds it and calls the police.
    chapter 30
  • the cops find her

    the cops find her
    after she calls the police she hears the glass break and she floard the gas and then she felt the car jerk, she had ran over Roy. the cops find her and then they arrest roy and brings Cheyenne back. after a while she gets a call from Griffin appoligizing to her.
    chapter 31-32