Ghicks-stohl American Revolution

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    American Revolution

  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    The citizen's of Bosten threw snowballs and icicles at the british.The british fired at the civilans 5 people died one African American man died his name is crispus attaks died the first African American man to die.
  • The Boston tea party

    The Boston tea party
    There was tax on tea people dressed as a mohawked indians the people that dressed up dumped the tea.
  • Pahl R. midnight ride

    Pahl R. midnight ride
    Pahl R. set off to worn the colonists that the british were coming 1 by land 2 if by sea and he made it secsessful.
  • The battle of Lexington

    The battle of Lexington
    The british and the colonist the britishsaid "don't fire unless fired upon,but if they mean war then let it happen here."250soldiers had either killed or wounded british chered ther victory.
  • the battle of bunker hill

    the battle of bunker hill
    The year of June 1775 the battle of bunker hill 1,200 colonist leading the colonist was William P. There was 2,000 british people ready to fight.It was at charlestown.
  • The decloration of idenpendence

    The decloration of idenpendence
    You might be wondering what this image is? It is the Decloration of idenpendence on 4th of July.
  • first americans flag

    first americans flag
    betsy Ross made the first america flag she was famous for making the flag then someone made the second flag and still standing today.