Germany Timeline

By aar16
  • WWI Starts

    WWI Starts
    Germany is dragged into World War I
  • WWI Ends

    WWI Ends
    World War I is finished.
  • Adolf Hitler becomes leader

    Adolf Hitler becomes leader
    45 year old Adolf Hitler becomes the leader of Germany in January 1933, the Nazis being his army.
  • WWII Starts

    WWII Starts
    World War II starts by Germany invading Poland.
  • Adolf Hitler commits suicide

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide
    Germany dicator Adolf Hitler commits sucide
  • Berlin Wall is built

    Berlin Wall is built
    The Berlin wall, a wall that divides East Germany and West Germany is built.
  • Berlin Wall is torn down

    Berlin Wall is torn down
    The Berlin Wall is torn down, letting East and West Germany become one nation.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    Germany surrenders in WWII.