Germany hegemony

  • Period: to

    The United States remain isolationnists

  • The schlieffen plan is a success

  • Italy joins the Central powers

  • Germany defeats Russia and applies the september program

  • Pro german states are formed in the east

  • Germany get massive french and beligian colonies

  • Austro-Hungarian empire collapses and Austria becomes a democracy

  • The Ottoman Empire collapses

  • Communist revolution failed and Russia becomes a dictatorship republic

  • Mussolini becomes prime minister

  • Germany annexes Austria

  • Germany annexes Bohemia

  • A Nazi style political party wins the elections in France and starts rearming

  • China, with german help, manage to end the civil war and restore order over the country

  • Italy occupy Ethiopia

  • France, in support of the second spanish republic, intervene in Catalonia. French troops clashes with italian forces and french headquarter is bombard by german Luftwaffe

  • France and Great Britain declare war on Germany and Italy

  • Period: to

    Germany remains the first super power in Europe, Asia and Africa

  • Germany wins the second world war with France becoming an Axis power and Russia split in two