German Expansion

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    German Expansion

  • Expansion Meeting

    Expansion Meeting
    Hitler meets secretly with advisors to discuss plan
  • Sudetenland

    Sudetenland - the German name for the areas of Czechoslovakia that were inhabited by Sudenten Germans: northern, southern, western
  • Anschluss

    Germany marches into Austria
  • Austria Allies

    Austria Allies
    Austria allies with Germany
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    An agreement signed by Nazi Germany, the United Kingdom, the French Third Republic and the Kingdom of Italy, granted Czechoslovakia's division to Germany of the Sudeten German territory
    Famous Quote: ¨Peace for our time”
  • Vocabulary

    Non-aggression pact - an agreement between two countries that they will not use military forces against one another
    Luftwaffe - the German´s term for air force
    Blitzkrieg - a war tactic where a side goes ham on a certain area
  • Winning Czechoslovakia

    Winning Czechoslovakia
    Germany marches into Czechoslovakia and takes them
  • The Phony War

    The Phony War
    A period of time with no war or attacks at the start of WW2
  • Germany Invades Again

    Germany Invades Again
    Germany invades Denmark and Norway; Denmark surrenders immediately
  • Battle of Dunkirk

    Battle of Dunkirk
    A battle the Allies lost and withdrew to Britain
  • Franco-German Armistice

    Franco-German Armistice
    Divided France into 2 sections; half German led, half France led
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    Large scale fight where the RAF (Royal Air Force - Britain) defended the Luftwaffe; British win