George Washington

  • George Washington is Born

    George Washington is Born
    George Washington is born in Westmoreland, Virginia into a slave society.
  • Becomes Official Surveyor

    Becomes Official Surveyor
    George Washington becomes the officiall surveyor of Culpeper County, Virginia.
  • Goes to Barbados

    Goes to Barbados
    George Washington goes to Barbados.
  • Carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley

    George Washington carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley.
  • Becomes a Liutenant Colonel

    Becomes a Liutenant Colonel
    George Washington received a commission as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Regiment.
  • Drives the French Away

    Drives the French Away
    While on the Forbes Expedition, Washington drove the French army away from Fort Duquesne.
  • Gets Married

    Gets Married
    George Washington gets married to a rich widow named Martha Custis who previously 2 children.
  • Elected to Congress

    Elected to Congress
    George Washington was elected delegate to the First Continental Congress.
  • Owns Mt. Vernon

    Owns Mt. Vernon
    George Washington took over 6,500 acres of Mt. Vernon and had over 100 slaves.
  • Becomes Commander-in-Chief

    Becomes Commander-in-Chief
    George Washington waws appointed general and commander-in-chief of a new Continental Army.
  • Signs Declaration of Independence

    Signs Declaration of Independence
    George Washington signs the Declaration of Independence.
  • Repulses Against British Army

    Repulses Against British Army
    When the British army attacked, Washington's army revolted against them also.
  • Gets Defeated in Battle

    Gets Defeated in Battle
    George Washington (general) is defeated at Brandywin.
  • Evacuation Treaty is Signed

    Evacuation Treaty is Signed
    An evacuation treaty is signed between America and Britain. The British army evacuates America.
  • British Army Surrenders

    British Army Surrenders
    The British army surrendered at Yorktown.
  • Peace Treaty is Signed

    Peace Treaty is Signed
    A peace treaty, Treaty of Paris, was signed by both America and Britain.
  • Leaves Army

    Leaves Army
    George Washington bids farewell to his army.
  • War Ends

    War Ends
    Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris and the Revolutionary war finally ends.
  • Elected As President

    Elected As President
    George Washington is unaninmously elected as president.
  • National Mint is Established

    Congress establishes the National Mint.
  • Re-elected as President

    Re-elected as President
    Re-elected as president of the US.
  • George Washington Dies

    George Washington Dies
    George Washington dies at Mount Vernon at the age of 67.