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    The Reconstruction

    This was a time period after The Civil War for the South to rebuild itself without slave labor. But there were some groups like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and White League that tried to stop the Reconstruction and bring slaves back.
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    Industrial Revolution

    A time period where rural areas became industrial and urban. This was a new way of living because people would be in factories and on a conveyer belt building things instead of farming.
  • Assasination of Abraham Lincoln

    Assasination of Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln, the United States' 16th president was assasinated by John Wilks Booth in Ford's Theatre in Penn Quarter, Washington, D.C. Along with the President, Lincoln's Secratery of State was also killed. Booth and his accomplice did this together as a sign from the South that they dispised him and wanted to have slavery back.
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    Imperialism: Spanish-American War

    A war between America and Spain. Most of the fighting took place in cuba, but soon a treaty was signed to get all the fighting out o Cuba. Even before the war there were high tensions between the to countries and it was said to only be a manner of time.
  • Imperialism: Creation of The Panama Canal

    Imperialism: Creation of The Panama Canal
    This was a long building of a canal through Panama which means sailors didnt have to go all the way around south America to get to the Pacific. This would save money, supplies, and lives as the journy would be much shorter than the longer way around.
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    World War II

    This was a war between multiple countries in the world like U.S., Soviet Union, Germany, France, and more. This war destroyed a lot of countries, especially the U.S. economically.
  • United States Involvement in WWI

    United States Involvement in WWI
    This is when the U.S. finally joins the war and allied with France, Great Britain, and Russia.
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    Prohibition/Roaring 20's

    The Prohibition was the 18th Amendment that stated that alcohol was illegal. This was appealed with the 21 Amendment. The Roaring 20's was a time of Jazz which is a prodominentally African-American genre of music that even whites took a liking to. The reason for Jazz's success was because of the radio that allowed people from all over to listen to music and the news so it was a way for Jazz to get into the public.
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    The Great Depression

    Stock Market crash (Black Tuesday) October 29,1929.
    Massive unemployment and large-scale closures of banks. This was the longest period of time of deep economic downturn.
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    World War II

    Adolf Hitler rose to power due to an influential book he wrote, and his plans was to gain power and take over the world. He started his plans of world domination with Poland with National Socialist, or Nazis. He is responsible of about 60 million deaths. The people targeted by Hitler were the Jews and about 6 million of them were killed just in concentration camps. More died outside the concentration camps when they were running from the Nazis and when they were hiding in other people's houses.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Early in the morning, Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes bombard Pearl harbor for about 2 hours. The attack left 2,000 American soldiers dead, almost 200 planes and 20 naval vessels destroyed. F.D.R. declared war on Japan soon after and when the Japanese allied with Germany and Italy, the Americans joined WWII.
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    Cold War

    This was a war with no bloodshed. This was America and Russia setting up nuclear bombs ready to fire on each other because of tensions between the two contries since before WWII. America didn't like how the government was running things, running them in a comunist way. And Russia didn't like how America didnt treated them as one of the world wide comunity and because of America's delay to join the war as tens of millions of Russians died.
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    Korean War

    North Korea was backed by China and Russia, which are all communist countries. They invade South Korea because it isn't communist they were Capitalist and North Korea didn't like that so they invaded South Korea with about 75,000 soldiers. Because the were both Capitalist, and because South Korea needed help, America backed them up.
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    Vietnam War

    This was a war in Vietnam against the north and south. In a situation much like the Koreas except without other countries helping the Northern Communists. The Southern Vietimese had help from France then from the U.S. It also led to the Civil Rights movement that brought the rise of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Imperialism: Acquisition of Hawaii

    Imperialism: Acquisition of Hawaii
    Hawaii was no longer a U.S. territory it became the 50th state. Even after The Kingdom of Hawaii fought for its own republic it still became a state and it angered a lot of Hawaiians.
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    Gulf War

    This is a war between America and Iraq because Iraq invaded Kawait and on the way out theyset fire to the oil barrells, destroying almost all the oil they had. America came in to help Kawait
  • September 11th 2001

    September 11th 2001
    Terrorists from Afghanistan crashed the Twin Towers with men in commercial planes flying them straight into them along with crashing other hijacked planes into the pentagon, and one failing its mission and landing in PA. Many lives were lost and this started a war with Afghanistan that still goes on today.
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