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Genre Research on Phsychological Thrillers

By tr1095
  • Period: to

    The Lodger

    This is one of the first Phsychological Thrillers in the UK and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Blackmail

    This is another Phsychological Thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  • Rear Window

    Rear Window
  • Les Diaboliques

    Les Diaboliques
  • Straw Dogs

    Straw Dogs
  • Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction
  • Se7en

  • The Talenter Mr Ripley

    The Talenter Mr Ripley
  • Bourne Identity

    Bourne Identity
  • Phone Booth

    Phone Booth
  • Bourne Supremacy

    Bourne Supremacy
  • Bourne Ultimatum

    Bourne Ultimatum