Genocide in rewanda

  • Germany controls Rwanda

    Berlin conference divides africa between european countries. this leads to wars between difrent ethnic coultures that are put together.
  • Period: to

    Genocide in rwanda

  • Belgium gains control of Rwanda

  • Rwanda gains independance

    this leads to genocide becuse theyy have had racisum and now they have to work together.
  • civil war begins

    between the hutu government and RPF. the world should know about what coused the war.
  • genocide

    800,000 people die in 100 days.
  • RPF ends genocide

    the genocide stops becuse of the RPF ao this is important becuse they saved a lot of people.
  • war crimes trials begin

  • apology from president clinton

  • 26 defendants exacuted

  • gacaca courts to be set up