• Mendel

    came up with his three Principles (dominance, segregation, indep. assortment)
  • Miescher

    isolated nucleic acid (now called DNA)
  • Bateson and Punnett

    Mendel's work rediscovered and translated into English
    experimentation with sweet pea plants
  • Sutton

    Chrm Theory of Heredity
  • Johannsen

    came up with the term "gene"
  • Morgan

    experimented with fruit flies- found that not all traits sort independently
  • Feugen

    discovered that DNA could be stained inside cell with a red dye
  • Griffith

    experimented with pneumonia in mice
  • Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty

    Gathered evidence that DNA is genetic material
  • Chargaff

    discovered that the amount of guanine and cytosine equal each other and that the amount of adenine and thymine equal each other
  • Franklin and Wilkins

    created images of DNA
  • Hershey and Chase

    supported Avery and Co.'s findings-discovered that DNA took control of bacterial cell and forced it to make new viruses
  • Crick and Watson

    discovered structure of DNA