Genetic Quest One: Genetics Timeline

Timeline created by leah.russell
  • Mendel's Paper is published

  • DNA is identified by Friedrich Miescher

  • A human disease is first attributed to genetic causes

  • The word "genetics" is coined by William Bateson.

  • H. Muller shows that X-rays induce mutations in a dose-dependent fashion.

  • One gene encodes one protein,described by Beadle and Tatum.

  • DNA shaped as a double helix with antiparallel nucleotide chains and specific base pairing. This was deduced by Watson and Crick, using Rosalind Franklin's data provided by Maurice Wilkins.

  • Messenger RNA is the intermediate between DNA and protein.

  • The first restriction enzyme is purified by Hamilton Smith.

  • Recombinant DNA is first constructed by Cohen and Boyer.

  • DNA sequencing technology is developed by Fred Sanger.

  • PCR is developed by Kary Mullis.

  • DNA microarrays are invented by Pat Brown and colleagues.

  • Automated sequencing technology allows genome projects to accelerate.

  • The first cloning of a mammal (Dolly the sheep) is performed by Ian Wilmut and colleagues