GCU 113 History Culminating Assignment

By SWold
  • Colonization

    The Colonization of Europe, specifically England, to the America's in order to escape the English Monarchy.
  • Mystery of Roanoke

    Unexpected disappearence of the Roanoke Tribe left many pilgrims wondering where they went. Years later native American children were found with blond hair and blue eyes. American settlers became even more fearful of these tribes.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    At this time there was widespread importation of African American slaves. This became a catalyst in creation of permanenet black underclass.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    The Puritan's believed that the White race was superior and in god's favor therefore. Individuals that were not caucasian were damned to hell.
  • Stono Rebellion

    African Americans slaves rised up against their oppressors resulting in a full rebellion.
  • French/ Indian War

    France decided to Colonize the new country in a horrific manner; by declaring war on the Native American People without hesitation.
  • Cherokee Nation Vs. The State of Georgia

    The Cherokee Nation tribe went to the U.S. Supreme court in order to protect the land the inhabitated. The U.S. Supreme court would not hear the case based on it's merit and stated there was no original jurisdicition.
  • The Civil War- 14th Amendment

    African Americans are declared citizens.
  • Reconstruction Act

    The Congressional Reconstruction Act of 1867 organized the south into 5 military districts, they also had to have a military leader from the north and had to eliminate the "black" codes that legalized racims by ratifing the 14th amendment.
  • 15th Amendment

    Declared that States could not deny a citizens right to vote based on their race or wealth. However, individuals found a loop hole that allowed them to tax the polls or require a literacy test in order to be allowed to vote.
  • World War 2- The United States vs. Japan

    This war against Japan was a racial one. American began to believe that all Japanese individuals were not only the enemy, but pure evil. This war was essentially a clash of culures and a fight for world powers.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The attack of Pearl Harbor from the Japanese lead the U.S. to take on more aggresive approaches towards Japan. Many Americans became racist not only to Japanese individuals but Asian Americans in general.
  • Civil Rights- Brown vs. The Board of Education

    Civil Rights Movement- Brown vs. The Board of Education; no citizen will be segregated due to the color of their skin. Any and every citizens in allowed the right to a public education.
  • Desegregation

    Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, came under fire when desegregation laws came into effect. Central High School was one of the first to allow black students to enroll into class with white students. These students were escorted to their classes by an armed guard due to the hostile event.
  • Womens Liberation Movement

    Along with Civil rights, women had long been fighting for the same rights as any man. The Womens liberation movement of the 1960's headed a front of women that refused to lay down their rights and fought for rights of all women.