Hunger games

GB Hunger Games by Suzanne Collings, fiction, 374

  • 1-35 (35)

    You meet Katniss and you learn she is Prim's sister. You also meet Gale who is her good friend. The two go out into the forest where they aren't suppose to be. Here, you learn about the Hunger Games, Panem and the districts. Prim gets chosen but Katniss steps up as tribute in place of her sister.
  • 35-60 (25)

    Katniss sees her mom and sister for the last time and you learn a little more about Peeta who is the boy competitor for district 12. You meet Haymitch who won the Hunger Games in the past and is an alchoholic. They all arrive at the Capitol after a long train ride.
  • 60-103 (43_

    Katniss gets ready for the opening ceremony. Here, you meet Cinna who becaomes a friend to Katniss. Peeta and Katniss get lots of attenc=tion from the crowd for their fire outfits. Training begins and Katniss meets and learnss anout the other competitiors. They train and Katniss takes a risk with the judges.
  • 103-148 (45)

    Katniss gets a high score after her risky decision. Katniss prepares for the interview and Cinna tells her just to be herself. The interview goes great and then Peeta admits to liking Katniss. Katniss gets angry but the two talk it out. This all ends when Cinna gives her the mockingjay pin and the games begin.
  • 29 Sep 2012, 145-185

    The games begin and many of the younger and weaker contestants die. Katniss runs into the woods where she survives with the bag she grapped from the Canopia. Later, Katniss realizes that a group is forming between the stronger players. In the end, Katniss gets her leg injured and she is forced to hide in a true to escape the group who is holding Peeta. In the end, she finds Rue who tries to help her
  • P. 185-222

    In the beginning, Katniss cuts down the tracker jacker nest and sends the nest down towards the other competitors, killing two of them. She gets the bow and arrow and is later helped by Rue who heals her and together they create a plan to destroy the careers food supply.
  • P. 222-262

    Katniss desrtoys the careers food supply and goes to find Rue. Rue is set in a boobie trap where she gets killed by another player. Katniss grieves and after awhile an announcement that two players of the same district can win reach her and she goes to find Peeta. when she finds him he is injured so she uses thier relationship as a way to get the sponsors to help him.
  • 262-302

    Katniss continues to take car of Peeta when another announcement comes on telling the players that something they need is at the canopia. Katniss sneaks out knowing they will have medicine for Peeta. Shealmost gets killed by one of the careers but the guy from rue's district saves her and she goes to help Peeta.
  • 303-330

    They begin to go back to the Canopia when strange dog like creatures began to chase them. Katniss descibes this as the finale and they both know that Cato is at the canopia and they will have to kill him to win.
  • 330-346

    Katniss and Peeta meet Cato at the cornucopia and they fight until Cato is pushed off the cornucopia and is eaten by the mutant beasts. Just as Peeta and Katniss think they are about to win, the gamemaker decides that only one can win but Katniss rebels and the two decide they rather both die than have one win. Just as they are about to eat the poisinous berries they change their minds and Katniss and Peeta win the Hunger games.
  • 346-374

    Katniss and Peeta are sent back home but before, Haymitch warns Katniss about the dangers that will arise from her rash decision towards the capitol.