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GB Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder,fiction, 412 pages

  • Pages 1-120

    In the beginning, Brooklyn describes how her boyfriend Lucca passes away in a fatal car crsh caused by her friend Gabe who later commits suicide. You also meet Luca's brother Nicco who begins to see signs from his dead brother informing him to help Brooklyn but he does not understand why.
  • 121-200-(79)

    In the beginning, Brooklynn goes to Nico's house where she goes in Lucca's room for the first time after he passed. Nico and Brooklyn start becoming friends and Brooklyn begins to have nightmares of Gabe while Nico is contacted by his brother.
  • 200-245 (45)

    Nico invites Brooklyn to run a trialthon with him and the two train together. Nico explains how he has some feelings for Brooklyn but knows is could never be. Brooklyn thinks about how she hasn't drawn since Lucca died.
  • 245-310 (65)

    Nico and Brooklyn continue to train and the two get closer. Brooklyn has these dreams about Gabe telling her to stop embracing fear but she continues to run away.
  • 310-364 (54)

    Brooklyn's notebook with all her things from Lucca dissapears. She find Gabe has it is a frightening dream where she realizes Gabe is trying to teach her not to run from fear like he did.She grows distant from Nico anfter they kiss but eventually the two start talking again.
  • 364-412 (48)

    Brooklyn and Nico get together and Brooklyn stops having bad dreams. The two admit the hauntings to eachother and come to a conclusion that Nico and Lucca helped them. In the end, the two both show character develepment and they finish the race they trained for.