Gas Giants (Paige Gionet & Abby Rogers)

Timeline created by paigeg123
  • Jupiter Discovered

    Jupiter Discovered
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are gas giants because they are mostly made of gas, which causes them to have more mass.
  • Saturn's rings discovered

    Saturn's rings discovered
    Christiaan Huygens discovers saturns rings, which is a common feature of gas giants
  • Uranus discovered

    Uranus discovered
    Uranus is the third largest gas giant, with a diameter of 51,200 KM
  • Pluto is discovered

    Pluto is discovered
    Pluto is not a gas giant, but is found around other gas giants.
  • Uranus's rings discovered

    Uranus's rings discovered
    Scientists suspect gas giant rings are mostly made up of dust and ice.
  • Voyager Space Craft

    Voyager Space Craft
    Voyager Space Craft discovers thin ring around Jupiter
  • Neptune's rings

    Neptune's rings
    Voyager's pictures reveal Neptune's rings.
  • Extrasolar Gas Giant

    Extrasolar Gas Giant
    Extrasolar gas giant found. Size and mass approximate to Jupiter