Gaming Franchise

  • Original EverQuest Game Released

    The game included 14 playable classes and twelve different races that could explore over one hundred unique zones.
  • Ruins of Kunark Expansion Released

    This was the first expansion pack. Level cap was increased from 50 to 60 and a new race (Iksar) was introduced. A new continent with over 20 zones.
  • Scars of Velious Expanssion Released

    This second expansion was intended for only higher levels to play. It included a new continent, nineteen new zones, and new armor designs.
  • The Shadows of Luclin Expansion Released

    This expansion let players travel to one of the moons orbiting the planet and included twenty four new zones. It also introduced a new race of cats called the Vah Shir and allowed players to own horses. The bigest change to the game came in the form of the graphics engine that included new player models in all of the playable races.
  • The Planes of Power Expansion Released

    This expansion took players to the realm of the gods and included twenty new zones. It also had a very immersive story line the unfolds as the player quest to defeat certain deities. One of the zones also included the first ever portal to any zone in the game. The level cap was also increased to 65.
  • EverQuest Pocket PC: Episode 1

  • EverQuest Pocket PC: Attack on Qeynos

  • EverQuest Online Adventures Released

  • The Legacy of Ykesha Expansion Released

    This expansion was the smallest so far but added several new features including the additon of the Froglok people, more space in their bank vault, the ability to buy armor dye, and added slots to their armor for charms.
  • EverQuest Pocket PC: War on Faydwer

  • Lost Dungeons of Norrath Expansion Released

    This expansion introduced the concept of instance zones. (dungeons) Five of these dungeons were added including fourty eight different variations allowing players to select the difficulty.
  • EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers

  • Lords of EverQuest PC

  • Gates of Discourd Expansion Released

    Adding yet another new continent. With this came twenty new zones, half of which were instances. The berserker class was introduced.
  • Champions of Norrath PS2

  • Omens of War Expansion Released

    This eighth expansion took players to a whole new world allowing players to begin epic weapon quests specific to their class. The level cap was also increased to 70.
  • EverQuest II Released

  • Champions: Return to Arms PS2

  • Dragons of Norrath Expansion Released

    This expansion added many new zones and gave players the option of entering many of them as an instance or a normal zone. It also made a few upgrades to the player interface for banks, vendors, portals, and weapon swaps.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Desert of Flames

  • Depths of Darkhollow Expansion Released

    This tenth expansion was a very story line based expansion which extended through the next few expansions. This expansion allowed players to take shorts quests where they played as one of the NPC monsters. It also allowed players to temporarily lower their level to join lower players.
  • Prophecy ot Ro Expansion Released

    This expansion centered around teaching players battle techniques like traps and buffs to help fight against the main enemy introduced in the last expansion.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Kingdom of Sky

  • The Serpent's Spine Expansion Released

    This expansion introduced a new hybrid race called the Drakkin. The level cap was increased to 75 and opened new zones in the land that was already their.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Echoes of Faydwer

  • The Buried Sea Expansion Released

    This expansion brought about the conclusion to the story line the was begun in the tenth expansion.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Rise of Kunark

  • Secrets of Faydwer Expansion Released

    This was the fourteenth expansion and took players to yet unexplored portions of the game. The level cap was increased to 80 as well as a revamp of the players stat system.
  • Seeds of Destruction Expansion Released

    In this expansion twenty new zones were added that spanned the history of the entire game and the level cap was again increased this time to 85.
  • EverQuest II Expansion The Shadow Odyssey

  • Underfoot Expansion Released

    Opening up a new realm, this expansions biggest feature was the addition of the Expansion Progression (achievments) window. A new interface was added allowing players to track multiple targets at once as well as new weapon modles were added.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Sentinel's Fate

  • EverQuest Next Announced

    The third installment of the EverQuest franchise. No release date as of yet.
  • House of Thule Expansion Released

    This was the seventeenth expansion of EverQuest. It brought players back to the original gods encountered in the game. It introduced another dozen zones to the game paly and increased the level cap to 90. It also gave players the ability to have their own homes and to decorate those homes how they wanted.
  • EverQuest II Expansion Destiny of Velious