Gallipoli Landing

  • Period: to

    Gallipoli Timespan

  • Anzacs Land

    Anzac bitallions Land Bigin there approche on Z Beach around 1.30am 25th of April. They were brought in on ships and then transferd to row Boats.
  • Attack on the Village of Kirthia

  • At Anzac Cove, Genral Godley orders an attack on Hill Baby

  • Despite the lack of artillary amunition 42, 000 Ottomans launched a suprise Attack at the 2nd Ridge of the Anzac Sector

  • A Truce was organised in order to bury the large numbers of Otterman dead lying in no mans land.

  • Hamilton launched a third attack on Krithia aiming to capture ottoman trenches 1000 yards in front. Thre was only a few yards gain in the fire fight with far do much loss of life

  • Period: to

    Turkish reinforcments held back the attack and thr fighting lasted until 21st August

  • A three day rain storm flooded trenches killing soldiers

  • Anzac cove and suvla Were evacuated

  • Helles was also evacuated after much gradual deduction