World War 1

By shelbel
  • Assasination

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assasinated by the Black hand squad. This was the cattalist that started World War 1, and all of the bloodshed that came with it.
  • Britain declares war on Germany

    Britain declares war on Germany
    World war 1 starts after a lot of tension when Britain finally declares war on Germany. With Australia's connection to Britain, we promiced to back britain to 'the last man and the last shilling'
  • Period: to

    World war 1

    World war Part 1
  • First battle of Marne

    First battle of Marne
    The French, the British and the German Empire were all involved in the battle. The French and the British lost 263,000 soldiers, of whom 81,700 soldiers died.
  • German new-guinea

    German new-guinea
    Australia took possession of German new-guinea and a few of the neighbouring islands. It was Australias first move in the war. (Sorry about the date, There was no official day, so we left it to the defult day. The month and year are correct.)
  • Gallipoli campaign starts

    Gallipoli campaign starts
    Winston Churchill (who controlled Britain’s royal navy) Thought that an attack on turkey would be benefitial as Turkey would be defeated, threatening Austria-Hungary, while Grease, Bulgaria and Romania would be persuaded to join the Allies. This would give the allies a great advantage.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    The Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat (also known as a submarine) There was 1,959people on board of the RMS Lusitania. 1,198 of the 1,959 passengers died, leaving 761 survivors. The British, Americans and Canadians were passengers on the ship.
  • Battle of Sari Bair

    Battle of Sari Bair
    This battle was the final(major) attempt to take Gallipolli from the Ottoman empire. The ANZAC soldiers lost over 12,000 people; and lost.
  • Battle of Lone Pine

    Battle of Lone Pine
    A battle fought by the Australians and the Turkish. Australia lost 2197 soldiers, but won the battle as the Turkish's casulties were greater.
  • Gallipoli soldiers evacuated

    Gallipoli soldiers evacuated
    The ANZAC troops landed before dawn. When they landed in the Gallipoli peninsula, they encountered heavy fire from the Turkish soldiers hiding in the cliffs. As the night fell, the ANZAC soldiers had only a few square kilometres of beach and cliffs left.
    During the night, the Turkish launched waves of counter attacks.
    Strategically, it had been a failure. However, it proved that the Australian troops can work together and overcome their experience. Around 8500 Australian men died.
  • Battle of Verndun

    Battle of Verndun
    The longest single battle of World War 1. The impact on the French army is one of the reasons the Battle of Somme started. The ANZACS came in later to help distract the enemy from this battle.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    This is the battle that represented the terror and futility of trench warfare. The battle was fought to kill as many Germans as possible, and to alleviate the pressure of the Germans on the French army.
  • Battle of Fromelles

    Battle of Fromelles
    It was the first major Australian Battle on the western front, Iintending to draw the German troops away from the battle of Somme.
  • Australians on the western front

    Australians on the western front
    The trenches ran for 700Km from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. When the Australians arrived the first thing they saw was the wounded soldiers being carried to the rear.
  • Battle of Magdhaba

    Battle of Magdhaba
    The British Empire (included the British and the ANZACs) and the Ottoman Empire were involved in the battle. The British Empire only had 22 soldiers dead and 124 wounded, unlike the Ottoman Empire, who had 300+ killed of whom 97 confirmed dead 300 wounded of whom 40 confirmed cared for and 1,242–1,282 prisoners. In the end, the British Empire claimed victory.
  • Battle of Ypres/ Passchendale

    Battle of Ypres/ Passchendale
    The last battle of Ypres (the third) is called the battle of Passchendale. On both sides, a total of 1,700,000 men died. Australia participated in this battle.
  • Second Battle of Marne

    Second Battle of Marne
    The French, the British, the Americans, the Italians and the German Empire were all involved in the battle. In the second battle of Marne 271,717 soldiers were killed or seriously injured.
  • The Hundred days offensive.

    The Hundred days offensive.
    The last 100 days in the Western front. It started with the battle of Amiens, it ended with the signing of the Armstice.
  • End of World War 1

    End of World War 1
    Germany signs an armistice with the Allies. END OF WORLD WAR 1 (and this project)
  • Treaty of Versailles signed

    Treaty of Versailles signed
    This treaty is the first political treaty signed by Australian officials. It is Australias first step in their recognition of being an independent being in international law
  • League of Nations is formed.

    League of Nations is formed.
    The League of nations was formed after the war. Its main purpose is to prevent any more major wars.