• The British Empire

    The British Empire
    The British Empire declares war on Germany and its Allies
  • Australia Helps

    Australia Helps
    Voluntary Recruitment for the Australian Imperial Force commence
  • Major-General Sire William Birdwood

    Major-General Sire William Birdwood
    Major-General Sire William Birdwood took command of the Australian and New Zealand units in Egypt. These units were soon merged into three divisions
  • The Russians defeat a large Turkish army

    The Russians defeat a large Turkish army
    The Russians defeated a large Turkish army. The battle was won with great loss of men because they were fighiting in a temperature of 30 degrees below zero. More than 30,000 Turks froze to death.
  • Period: to


    Minesweepers accompanied with heavy equipment were sent into the Dardanells to clear them of mines. They failed and many were blown to pieces
  • Mines

    A Turkish minelayer called Nusrat set down a line of twenty mines in Erenkoy bay. This row of mines is responsible for sinking 3 Brittish and French ships
  • Australian Imperial Force

    Australian Imperial Force
    Date Unknown Jim Martin joined the Australian Imperial Force at the age of 14 and 3 months. He told the recruiting officers that he was 18
  • Victoria Cross

    Victoria Cross
    Six Members of the royal navy were awarded Victoria Crosses for their extraordinary bravery and courage.
  • The Landing

    The Landing
    Between 4.30 and 4.45 the 3rd Australian Brigade landed on Gallipoli. The rest of the troops came throughout the day. By nightfall, despite Turkish counter attacks, the Anzacs held a narrow triangle of land roughly 2 km long. Later a war historian said that all the evidence points to a man called Lieutenant D Chapman of the 9th Battalion, this man was the first Australian to step on the shore of Gallipoli. He was lated killed in action at Poziers, France on the 8th of August 1916
  • Farther William Finn

    Farther William Finn
    Father William Finn died. Shortly after landing on Gallipoli, this priest died. Even though he was wounded Father Finn continued to help other wounded soldiers. Soon after comforting soldiers he collapsed and died. He was the first chaplin to be killed in the war
  • Death and Destruction

    Death and Destruction
    By 3 am, just one day after landing on Galippoli more than 1700 deceased soldiers were evacuated from the area and later laid to rest.
  • Secret Mission

    Secret Mission
    A party from the 15th Battalion crept out at night and captured a Turkish trench. The next morning thex were drove out, many men were wounded and they ran for the Australian line. Lieutenant Francis Armstrong was killed as he tried to help the wounded into the trench
  • Truce

    A truce allowed both sides to enter no mans land and bury the bodies of the dead
  • Jim Martin Leaves His Family

    Jim Martin Leaves His Family
    Jim Martin leaves Melbourne on a ship heading to Gallipoli
  • More Soldiers

    More Soldiers
    During the night an extra 20,000 soldiers were brought ashore
  • Commander Killed

    Commander Killed
    A commander called Edward Cater was killed when he tried to help some soldiers land from a damaged steamboat
  • Victoria Cross

    Victoria Cross
    Within just 3 days of fighting 7 Australians earned the Victoria Cross
  • Torpedo

    A Brittish soldier flying a plane torpedoed and sunk a trukish sub off the coast of Gallipoli
  • Landing

    Private Jim Martin and his Battalion landed at Gallipoli
  • Period: to

    Communication to his family

    Private Jim Martin continued to send letters to his family up until the day he was evacuated
  • Lucky escape

    Lucky escape
    Private G J Oven, was observing the battle from a fire-step when he felt a blow to his chest. On Examination, he found out that a bullet had gone through his jacket and into his pocket. He found the bullet lodged in a bible he always carried.
  • Period: to


    Severe rain and thunder storms, which turned into blizzards hit Gallipoli. More than 280 men died and 16,00 men caught frostbite.
  • Private Jim Martin

    Private Jim Martin
    Private Jim Martin was evacuated to the Glenart Castle suffering from enteritis. He died from heart failure later that evening and was burried at sea.
  • Government Approval

    Government Approval
    The Brittish Government finally gave approval for the evacuation of the Anzac ans Suvla positions.
  • Period: to


    Over two nights over 20,000 Australians and New Zealanders were evacuated from Gallipoli. The last man to leave at 4.10 am on the 20th of December was Colonel J Paton. There was virtually no casualties. The entire time the Turks were unaware that a major Evacuation was taking place