Gallipoli & Jim Martin

  • War

    Britain and Germany go to war. Both sides are supported by other countries
  • Period: to

    The Plan

    A strategy had been decided on to take the Dardanelles Strait and Constantinople. Troops would land at Ari Burnu and take the third, and highest ridge. This would let them control the strait, allowing it to be used as transport for supplies.
  • Jim Martin Joins The Army

    Jim Martin Joins The Army
    Jim Martin hands in his note from his parents and fakes his age to join the army.
  • Jim Martin travels to Broadmeadows

    Jim Martin travels to Broadmeadows
    On the same day as his enrolment, Jim Martin travelled to Broadmeadows training facility by train and received his training uniform.
  • The Landing

    The Landing
    Well before dawn on the 25th of April, the first wave of 1,500 Anzacs landed on the beach. They were successful at seizing the beach, but nothing more. This is because the small number of Turkish soldiers defending the coast were able to stop them on the beach. Due to this, the troops that were to follow could not advance. So, when nightfall came, they received the order to dig themselves in.
  • Period: to


    This was a time that the defences were strengthened by both sides. This stopped the Anzacs from progressing much further. Both forces tried to defeat the enemy with charges on their trenches. Both attacks were to no avail. On the 24th of May, a ceasefire was called to bury the rotting corpses of the dead.
  • Jim Heads to Colombo

    Jim Heads to Colombo
    Private James (Jim) Martin leaves for Colombo. He arrives on the 8th of May.
  • Period: to

    The Frontlines

    During this time, neither side could progress. Some attempts were made to damage the opponent’s frontlines (e.g. raids, bombing & undermining). The main killer of this time was disease sickness.
  • Jim Leaves for Alexandria

    Jim Leaves for Alexandria
    Jim leaves for Alexandria on the ship Berrima.
  • Period: to

    August Attacks

    The Allied forces knew they needed to try and end the stalemate. So they came up with a plan to land British troops further up the coast. They would then move down and attack the Turks from behind. A chain of diversion attacks would be made by the Anzacs to distract the Turkish forces. The Lone Pine attack was successful, with seven Victoria Crosses being awarded to fighters. However, the defenders were able to hold their position on many other attacks.
  • The Battle of Lone Pine

    The Battle of Lone Pine
    The Lone Pine attack was one of many 'feints'. This means that it was only meant to be a 'sham attack', distraction even, with minimal loss of life. However, the area that the Anzacs were forced to rush was very heavily trenched. Six Australian battalions were sent out, over 2 300 men were massacred. With a successful raid, won with brutal hand-to-hand combat, seven Victoria Crosses were awarded.
  • Jim Sends Home Letter & Centrepiece

    Jim Sends Home Letter & Centrepiece
    Jim sent home a letter saying that they were leaving for the Dardanelles the next day.
  • Period: to

    Troop Evacuation

    In the early weeks of winter, severe frostbite and illness developed in the trenches. So a decision was made to evacuate the troops under the cover of night over a three week operation in December. The 40 000 Anzac troops escaped without the Turkish forces realising. On the 20th of December, the Turks realised that no one was left. Soon after, on the 9th of January, all of the British forces had left Helles.
  • Torpedoed at Sea

    Torpedoed at Sea
    The ship Jim was on, the Southland, was torpedoed out at sea. Jim spent four hours floating around until he was rescued by a life boat.
  • Jim Martin Arrives at Lemnos Bay

    Jim Martin Arrives at Lemnos Bay
    Jim arrives at Lemnos Bay, on a French ship, after being rescued.
  • Jim Arrives at Gallipoli

    Jim Arrives at Gallipoli
    Jim arrives at Gallipoli in the early morning hours of September 7 1915. He is led, with his battalion, to a place called Wire Gully.
  • Learns to use the Periscope Rifle

    Learns to use the Periscope Rifle
    Jim was taught how to use the Periscope Rifle, invented by Lance-Corporal William 'Bill' Beech.
  • Jim gets Sick with Typhoid

    Jim gets sick with a disease called Typhoid. However, instead of taking treatment, he refuses.
  • Jim is Rushed to Hospital

    Jim is Rushed to Hospital
    After being looked at at the beach hospital, Jim is taken out to the Glenart Castle. He is then looked after by the nurses and Matron Reddock.
  • Jim's Death

    Jim's Death
    Hospital reports state that Private James Martin died of heart failure at 6:40pm on October 25, 1915. Because of this, he has become the youngest ever Anzac to die at Gallipoli.
  • Burial

    The Imperial War Graves Commission return to begin constuction on cemeteries to bury both Turkish and Allied soldiers.