WWI, Gallipoli

  • So let the war games begin!

    So let the war games begin!
    world war 1 has begun and europe has been split into the two seperate alliances. the triple Alliance ( consisting of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy) and the triple entente (Britain, France and Russia.
  • Period: to

    WW1 beggining to end

  • The pressure is on to protect the motherland

    The pressure is on to protect the motherland
    Britain has let Australia know that there is a war going on. nationalism overcomes australia and the urge to "protect the motherland" forces some yound aussie men to sign up. The Australian government also saw this as a chance for Australia to show that they were a strong country.
  • Turkey is in!

    Turkey is in!
    Turkey signed with the triple alliance to become allies in the war, even though they had not yet formally joined the war.
  • Winston's got a plan!

    Winston's got a plan!
    Winston Churchill has a plan. if the 'Triple Entente' could seize control over the Dardenelle straits then they would be able to link the Mediterranean to the sea of Marmora and put them in a good position near Constantinople (now Istanbul) with good acces to the black sea.
  • Turkey's ready to rumble

    Turkey's ready to rumble
    Turkey has formally entered the war as an ally of Germany. they have formed an alliance called the German-Turco alliance.
  • Today we leave, tomorrow we join forces and the day after that... we fight!

    Today we leave, tomorrow we join forces and the day after that... we fight!
    Today the first ship of troops left albany in Western Australia carrying thousands of young men eager to fight in the war. they were shipping off to England to do some training then it was off to France to fight. but little did they know they were going to be making a little stop-off.
  • Wait this isn't what we signed up for

    Wait this isn't what we signed up for
    The Aussies landed in Egypt. They had no idea that they were in for gruelling 5 month training program at a camp called Mena in Egypt. this was so they would be ready for Gallipoli.
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    Training at Mena, Egypt

    over these months the troops have had an endless training regime, which consisted of eight hour days that started with forced marches and shooting practic all while carrying all of their gear. they didn't get sundays off!
  • Train hard or... stay and fight anyway because you don't have a choice

    Train hard or... stay and fight anyway because you don't have a choice
    Thousands of Australian and New zealand men think they are being sent to Europe, when infact they were being sent to a special training facility in Egypt to prepare themselves for Gallipoli, because the brittish naval force decided that the best defence of the suez canal was to invade Turkey. letters are being sent home about how terrible it all is.
  • A diversion you say?

    A diversion you say?
    The Russians had taken down an army of Turks in Sarikamish, the turks had no idea that it would be 30 degrees below freezing and most froze to death before the battle even began prior to this battle it was believed that russia had asked britain to create a diversion to draw the ottoman empire away from Russia...
  • FIre the cannons!

    FIre the cannons!
    British Naval forces release unrelenting attacks on the Dardenelles forts. It looks like the Brits have severely damaged their defences.
  • The ANZACs have been formed !

    The ANZACs have been formed !
    The AIF (Australian Imperial Force) have been grouped with the troops from New Zeland just before the arrival on the landing beaches in Turkey. A.N.Z.A.C (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).
  • Galiopli here we come!

    Galiopli here we come!
    Everybody left Egypt and shipped off ready to be deployed in Turkey
  • Landing at Galipoli

    Landing at Galipoli
    The ANZACs land at what is now known as "ANZAC cove" at 2.30am. A few hours before there first assult. the place they landed was actaully 4 km off there orginal landing point.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Galliopli

    during the battle of Gallipoli a
  • Propaganda poster

    Propaganda poster
    fighting a what turned out to be a very tough battle, they willl do anything to get more soilders down in Gallipoli.,
  • Our Counter Attack is sure to win

    Our Counter Attack is sure to win
    Turkish forces mount their biggest counter attack to date, with 42,000 men they were sure to win.
    But alas they fail, with more than 10,000 of their men dead or injured, this was the last major counter attack made by the truks.
  • They may rest in peace

    They may rest in peace
    The turks make a formal truce to allow them to bury their dead soilders. thousands are buried across Gallipoli at various different memorials, including the lone pine memorial.
  • More allies for Germany

    More allies for Germany
    The Kingdom of Bulgaria entered the war as an ally of Germany, and the triple allicance. This made it likely that the Turks on Gallipoli would be able to receive reinforcements from Germany along the Berlin railway.
  • ANZACS retreat!

    ANZACS retreat!
    the Austrailans after fighting a pointless battle, that no-one was winning. retreated from Galliopli.
  • NO mercy for the truks

    NO mercy for the truks
    Turkish forces at cape Helles in Seddülbahir launched a major attack on the remaining 19,000 British troops. The attack was preceded by a furious artillery bombardment but many Turkish soldiers, realising that the British were leaving the peninsula, refused to leave their trenches. The attack failed.
  • British soilders evacuate!

    British soilders evacuate!
    On the night of 8–9 January, 17,000 British soldiers were evacuated from Helles, bringing the Gallipoli campaign to a close. In just over a week, 35,000 soldiers, 3,689 horses and mules, 127 guns, 328 vehicles, and 1,600 tons of stores had been taken off Helles. 508 horses and mules were slaughtered or left behind.
  • A very grim outcome

    A very grim outcome
    the ANZACS had evacuatedTurkey without sustaining too many more casualties, but over 26,111 Australians had been wounded including 8,141 deaths. regardless of this Gallipoli didn't have as big an influence as it should have on the war.
  • Emeny free

    Emeny free
    Turkish newspapers reported that ‘the whole of the Gallipoli Peninsula is now free from the enemy. They are driven out of Sedduülbahir.