Future Tech

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    Future Tech

    All is approx
  • Space Elevator

    After decades of contruction the international space elevator is complete and allows safe travel to space for much less cost.
  • Moon Colony

    Because of the new space elevator many people have safe access to space and the moon. Many permanent residents have established home made by nano tech in a number of hours.
  • FIrst Kilometre Long Space Station.

    Made possible by the international space elevator, this is one of the most advanced research centres ever.
  • Super Humans

    Recent Nano Tech improvements has made it possible to give people what would now be called superheroes. If they were trasported into our current time they would be practicaly invincible to all our weapons.
  • Mars Terraformed

    Mars is now a succseful ecosystem cabable of supporting much human life. using incredibly advanced nano tech.
  • Venus terraformed

    Venuus is now also capable of supporting human life. using the same nano tech used on mars.
  • Dyson Sphere

    The largest Structure ever built, the giant Sphere encompasses the sun, harnessing all the energy produced.
  • Ultimate Computer

    Computers are now perfected in speed and size, no more improvement can be made.