Future Focus

  • Period: to

    Coronavirus Vaccines Are More Available

    The coronavirus vaccine is being distributed widespread with 90% of people getting the vaccine by 2025
  • 2024 Election in America

    Biden wins again, assuming he is still alive.
  • Taiwan is forced to be apart of China

  • Small Protests Begin In America

    As a result of the media covering Guantanamo Bay, there are protests protesting the use of torture by the U.S. government in interrogation.
  • Period: to

    American Economy Recovering from Covid-19

  • Putin Is Replaced With The Next President Of Russia

  • Mass Media Coverage of Guantanamo Bay

  • America Elects A Divisive President

  • Media Coverage - Anti-African American Sentiments Within The Government

  • Bigger Protests In America

  • Protests Start To Get Hijacked And Turn To Riots

  • Cawthorn Reelected Through Voter Fraud

  • Mass Media and Social Media Censorship Causes Even More Protests

  • Riots Increasing in Violence

  • National Guard Deployed Around The Nation

  • Second American Revolution

  • Arctic Summer Sea Ice Has Now Been Completely Melted

  • Tensions Are At An All-Time High In The Middle East

  • Dangerous Side Effects for the Coronavirus Vaccine Emerge (30% death rate)

  • Major Religious Conflicts Between Ireland And England

  • Coastal Flooding

  • Massive Earthquake in Cascadia

  • Word Population Reaches 10 Billion

  • New Island in Hawaii

  • The New Island Becomes Independent

  • Cure for Cancer

  • First Brain Transplant

  • First Colony on Mars

  • Asteroid Hits The Colony On Mars