By Abdii
  • U2 Plane Shot Down 

    Soviet Russia shoots down U.S. spy plane.  
    May 13, 1960 
  • U.S. Buildup Begins 

  • $2 Billion Wasted 

  • Marilyn Monroe Dies 

    Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, 36, is found dead in her bedroom. 
    April 21, 1963 
  • "I Have A Dream..."

    During the Civil Rights March on Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. delivers one of his most impassioned and memorable speeches to an audience of 250,000.  
    June 22, 1964 
  • Malcolm X Assassinated 

    The Nation of Islam leader is killed during while delivering a speech in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom. 
    August 11-16, 1965 
  • Kennedy Assassinated 

    Senator Robert Kennedy dies of gunshot wounds in Los Angeles, a day after winning the California Presidential primary. 
    November 5, 1968