• Injury

    As a result of polio, she suffered from polio when she was six years old, and she was called "Wooden Leg Frida".
  • Education

    She studied at the National Preparatory School, which gave the best education of the period. This school led her to fields such as art, literature and philosophy. Alejandro Gomez Arias, Jose Gomez Robleda and Alfonso Villa, who will be known as the important names of Mexican intellectual life in the future, became his school friends.
  • Bus Accident

    On September 17, 1925, while returning home from school, in the accident where many people died as a result of the collision of the bus with the tram, one of the iron bars of the tram entered Frida's left hip and came out of her pelvis. After the accident, her whole life was spent in corsets, hospitals and doctors; She lived with constant pain in his spine and right leg, underwent 32 surgeries and was injured due to polio, and her right leg was amputated in 1954 due to gangrene.
  • Self-portrait

    she made self-portraits looking in the mirror on the ceiling of his bed. Her first self-portrait is "Self-Portrait in Velvet Dress"
  • Start Walk Again

    Start Walk Again
    Kahlo, who started walking at the end of 1927, started to get closer to the art and politics circles during this period. she met and became close friends with Cuban leader Julio Antonio Mella and photographer Tina Modotti. Together, they began to attend the invitations of the artists of the period and the discussions of the socialists.
  • Marriage

    Continuing to draw, Kahlo met the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera, known as Mexican Michelangelo, through her friend Tina Modotti, and showed him his paintings. The two painters, born of a romantic relationship, got married on August 21, 1929. Frida became Rivera's third wife. Their marriage has been likened to "the marriage of an elephant and a dove".
  • Death

    When Frida Kahlo breathed her last on July 13, 1954 with the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism; the last painting he left behind; It was a still life named Long Live Life. Her body was cremated the next day. Her ashes are preserved in the Blue House. The Blue House was donated to the government by Rivera in 1955.
  • Born Date

    She was born in 1907 in Coyoacán, in southern Mexico City. Although she was born on July 6, 1907, she declared his birth date as July 7, 1910, when the Mexican Revolution took place, and wanted her life to begin with the birth of modern Mexico.