Franz Schubert

  • Franz Schubert is born

  • Death of Schubert's Mother

    (Exact date is not given)
  • Schubert leaves college

    In 1814, Schubert left his college, Stadtkonvikt, and taught music at his father's school. He never liked teaching. (Exact date is not given)
  • Period: to

    Schubert writes 144 songs

    Franz Schubert wrote 144 songs during the year that he turned 18.
  • Period: to

    Schubert writes more of his famous music

    In 1817, Schubert began to write more piano sonatas. He also wrote three of his most famout songs: "Der Tod und das Mädchen," "An die Musik," and "Die Forelle."
  • Period: to

    Schubert goes on a trip to the countryside

    In the summer of 1819, Schubert went on a trip to the countryside with Johann Michael Vogl. He spent three joyous months there seeing the country. He also made a comment that it was "inconceivably lovely." This had a huge impact on his music.
  • Schubert attempts his Symphony #7 in E Major

    Schubert attempted to write hi Symphony #7 in E Major, but he never fully finished it.
  • Schubert contracts syphilis

    Near the end of 1822 (exact date not given), Schubert contracted syphilis. He was too sick to leave his house until late spring in 1823. Schubert was very depressed and almost suicidle at this point.
  • Period: to

    Schubert begins to produce more songs again

    (exact date not given)
  • Schubert composes "Die Winterreise" for the death of Beethoven

    Schubert composes "Die Winterreise" for the death of Beethoven
    (Exact date not given. Near the end of 1827.)
  • First Schubert-only Concert

    First Schubert-only Concert
  • Franz Schubert dies

    Franz Schubert dies
    Schubert only lived to be 31 years of age. He died of typhoid fever.